Humira vs Remicade

Hi everyone, my name is Kelly and I have been on Remicade for treatment of Crohns disease for over 2 years now. I developed psariasis because of the remicade. I know it is a drug to help psariasis, but i am one of the lucky few that it causes it.

Now my doctor has suggested putting me on Humira instead. I hear the Humira is painful. Is this to be true?

My first shot of Humira will be in May and I will give myself 4 shots to begin with. This seems rather severe if they are painful. I guess not as painful as having iv treatments when you have to sit for 3 hours waiting for the Remicade to be put into your system.

What does everyone choose, Humira or Remicade?

I think the Humira would be better because you give yourself a shot and its over. With Remicade I have to go to the infusion lab and sit there for over 3 hours. Painful or not, I will try Humira and see how that is.

Give me your opinion and tell me what one you would choose.

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My doctor has me on Humira. He was worried that I would have an allergic reaction to the Remicade since it is made with mouse protein. The first dose of the Humira (the 4 shots) hurts a bit. I felt like I had the flu for about 3 days after it, and then felt better. After that was a dose of 2 shots and then 1 shot from there on out. The shot doesn't hurt too badly - I just think that it's only once every 2 weeks and not every day like insulin! I do mine in my leg instead of the stomach. I just can't handle sticking a needle/pen in my gut - I'm too flinchy for that! The gauge of the needle is really tiny and doesn't hurt going in. What seems to cause the pain is the medication going in. It takes about ten seconds for the whole dose to be injected. The doctor also thought Humira would be easier for me since I'm a teacher and would have to take time off of work to sit in an infusion lab for part of the day.

Good luck with your decision!

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Hi Kelly,

I have been on both Remicade and Humira and can tell you that although the shots were never my favorite part of the day, it is not as painful as you might be thinking. I always acquainted the shot with the feel of a bee sting. I would always ice the area for about ten to fifteen minutes to numb the area, like chellebarnes I would inject myself in the leg and not the stomach, and would just take a deep breathe and go for it. I also agree that the hardest part of the shot was holding the pen down for ten seconds because it does sting, but after five minutes my leg was fine. I will note that during the first month or so I was on Humira I would get a slight reaction to the injection site, red and itchy but nothing terrible. For me, the Humira was much easier than Remicade as I have horrible vein access and getting the IV in would sometimes take five or six attempts.

I remember the first time I got the four shots I had two in my upper arm (and that did hurt) and two in my leg. I would recommend asking not to have the shots on the underside of your upper arm though. I should mention that before all of this I was extremely needle phobic, but the great thing about the pen is that you do not need to see the actual needle part. I was given a practice kit, that included a 'pen' that I could use to get use to the clicking noise of the pen which helped ease me into giving myself the shots.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your replies, i sure appreciate it.

I will try the shot in the leg, because i have a tender stomach and i certainly would not like the upper arm. I too have a practice kit and the pen with the clicking will help me.

The Remicade IV's were always hard to get into me too because i have veins that are very small and move. They had to heat up my hand before the IV every time. Then poke me about 8 times before they found a good vein. Very disturbing.

I believe I will like the Humira much better than the Remicade because of the time factor as well as the fact that I will no longer get IV's.

Thanks again for the advice and have a great day.


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Hi Kelly,

The major difference between the two besides using shots vs a 3 hr infusion, is the chemical makeup.
Humira is made from human blood where Remicade is made from mouse blood.

This is why some doctors use humira. There less resistance and rejection by the body.

However. Some studies have shown that even though remicade has some side affects it suppresses the immune system better thus keeping Crohns under control better.

I myself have used remicade for over 7 years. In the beginning I had some side affects. But now there are no issues.


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