C-Diff and Crohns

A few weeks ago I was in the emergency room with severe vommiting and pain. The doctor told me that I had a kidney infection but was nervouse about putting me on anti-biotics given my recent case of c-diff. He ended up putting me on Macrobid. I saw my GI doc 2 days later she was happy thats what they put me on because it has a lower chance of the c-diff coming back. On the drive home from the c-diff the Emergency Room called they said that they "grew" the bacteria and that the Macobid would not help with the Kidney Infection. They called in another anti-biotic.

Today I went for a follow-up appointment to find out that the c-diff is back. Caused by the second anti-biotic... Cipro. My doctor was so mad that the ER called in Cipro. She said it was one of the worst anti-biotics for C-Diff.

Now I have 14 more days of Flagyl. My GI wont start me on the prednisone again until the c-diff is gone.

I feel like CRAP!! I cant continue going to the bathroom 20 times a day. What do I do to help the diarehhea? I am taking a probitic and am trying to limit my food intake - bland food only. How do I feel better? Its been 2 1/2 months and I cant see an end in sight.

I need help! My house is falling apart. My kids and husband are suffering... I think they are getting the raw end of the deal. How do I be happy and show them that I love them when I feel so bad.

I am new to having crohns and dont know much about the disease. Here are a few questions maybe someone has an answer.

Is it normal to get C-Diff?
Is is normal for Kidney/Bladder Infections?
Is it normal for Blood in my Stool?
Is it normal for my insides to feel like they are on fire?
Is is normal for tounge sores?

I feel like I am going crazy and hope someone out there has had similar things so I know I am not crazy? How do you deal with this disease emotionally?

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So one thing I have figured out that crohns comes with ALOT of other problems. It is a auto immune disease, lucky us! I have never gotten c diff or even heard of it so I don't know about it but as for your other questions, first the food I sugest taking a few days off of everything just clear liquid. I know this sucks but if you end up in the hospital they wont even give you that. I went 5 days with nothing not even ice chips! Then I would get some ensure or boost, its kinda expensive but you need the calories, vitamins and minerals. I went over 6 mos on a liquid diet and it helped with the D. I have heard different things about the immodium so I would ask your GI, also there is a medicine NewtonsLaw told me about that is a cholesteral medicine but it works for her. The kidney infections are pretty normal, everyone is different and some people are more likely to get infections. Sore in the moth are also normal, at least for me...what medications are you on now? I hated the Flagyl it made me smell everything bad. Yucky. My insides feel like they are on fire to so I say that is very normal. The only blood I have had is from fissures which HURT bad. Emotionally it is very very hard. The people here are so very helpful and caring so you have found a great outlet for emotional support here. The prednisone plays on your emotions alot. Im at 20 mg a day and it still effects me. I find it to be a daily battle to keep up hope but there is hope. They are doing so much research right now they will be coming out with something for us soon! It is very tough when you have a family to take care of. I also have kids and a husband. I have guilt about all the things I cannot do, and I look around my messy house and get depressed but it dosnt help anyone and it really just makes me feel worse so I do what i can, I make a short list that I know i can accomplish for the day like 2 loads laundry or load the dishwasher. Somedays I can't even get off the couch to answer the phone and my 4 year old runs amuck through the house. Do you have family that lives near you? My grandparents have helped me out alot. I hope that your husband is supportive because it really helps to have good support. I wish you luck in feeling better. Hugs, Molly

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