Flexor tendon nodules

Anyone else have these blasted flexor tendon nodules? I have them on my fingers and arches of my feet. They are painfull and seem to be getting bigger. I am 55 and have been sick since age 15 but only this summer got a Dx. Several things going on but CtD is my worst for symptoms. Both rotator cuffs have massive tears. Is this CTD related? My rheumatologist said no point in fixing them. My left ankle has come apart and that doc wanted to relocate tendons as the ones that keep the foot from rolling in at the ankle are trashed. I worry that any surgery would be in vain. The doc started me this summer on plaquniel. But as I titrate up on it, I can not get past 75percent of where it needs to be without wanting to rip my skin off from the intense itching. Then she put me on imuran (sp?) and it caused kidney issues (I already have kidney failure). So now she has me on prednisone. Only 4th day on it, but already causing horrid leg cramps. Is that common with that med? I am ready to tell her I am done with that med. But the inflamation is horrible. I can not take NSAIDS due to the kidney issues. Both knees were to have been replaced 6 years ago, but then the blood clotting disorders were discovered and no one will do the knees now. I am about to the end of my rope. Has anyone tried any herbal remidies of pain and/or inflammation? Has anyone tried Butter bur? Thanks.

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I take a good quality fish oil( recommended by my ophthalmologist) and a tumeric/curcumin supplement which are both good for inflammation. Not really sure if they help. Be sure to talk to a doctor/naturopath/pharmacist before trying to make sure it won't cause issues with your clotting problem as I think they may thin your blood.

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Thanks for your input. I will discuss this with my doctors.

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Hi, the doctor yesterday told me no. It will thin my blood too much. She took me off of the prednisone and put me back on the plaqunil . We also found another nodule in the arch of my foot. She says she,has 2 other patients with them that has UCTD.

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