can nerve root sheath cysts be cause by connective tissue disease

Hello, I have a new problem to add to my list. Nerve root sheath cysts at S3 which have damaged nerves to my pelvic floor and rectum. wonderful :op
This caused a rectal prolapse and pelvic organ prolapses last year for which i had surgery, part of my colon removed, a hysterectomy and lifting of the bladder. I subsequently got peritonitis and had another surgery for that.
Now the root of that problem may have been found with the cyst that has caused the nerve damage on my spine. I still have chronic pelvic pain and pain in the derrier. lol. My organs are reprolapsing as the muscles aren't getting nerve signals and are weak and i have no anal tone. A very uncomfortable situation. Also i have sciatica and that can become extremely painful after only walking 10 minutes or after tidying or anything that would cause those cysts to swell up.
I also have chronic fatigue, microcytic anemia, polyarthritis, narrow angle glaucoma/iritis, raynauds, irritable bowel, kidney colic....
well musn't dwell. I am trying to live a normal life but sometimes it all catches up and i just need to spend a day in bed and then i get some energy back and can continue on. I don't tell people around me about everything. (just a few bits and pieces as needed) I don't want people to think i am crazy. I just want people to understand that sometimes i might not be up to much and other times I plow ahead to catch up.
Has anyone else out there with mixed connective had nerve root sheath cysts?

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well, i don't know --- i have a little friend in my brain that is either a nerve sheath tumor, a glomus jugular tumor, or a schwanomma -- supposed to see new neurologist Monday.

i have some type of MCTD too, and Ehler's Danlos

the NIH just needs to round up everybody on this site and fix us LOL!!! We need change Mr. Obama :)

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just wondering the same thing, since I received a diagnosis of this just today?????

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