Paralyzed diaphragm, COPD drugs & cause of COPD

I was diagnosed last year with COPD and am curious about what meds some of you were given.
The pulmonologist that I saw said he was diagnosing me with that because of the amount of bronchitis illnesses I had as a kid. Anyone else diagnosed with that?
Also, I'm a 'one lung hon', my diaphragm is partially paralyzed, so not much is going on on the right side. They're not totally sure why that happened, either.
I'd love to hear from anyone with any of the above topics.

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I was diagnosed about 10 years ago . Had a lobectomy a year ago and an now cancer free. The meds given were spiriva and symbicort. I find them to be very helpful in allowing me to live a normal life.

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Thanks for responding, glad to hear you're doing well. :-)

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I was diagnosed a few months ago and my pulmonologist prescribes a combination of Ipratropium Bromide and Albuterol by the nebulizer anywhere from 3 to 5 times a day and Advair 250/50 twice a day. I am not too happy with the control I am getting. I still have a nasty cough most of the time. I was diagnosed from tests after I complained of shortness of breath. While the meds have improved my breathing my cough has increased a lot. Not sure what to do now.

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HI Smiley,
Your pulmonologist should have based his diagnosis on a complete pulmonary function test, and others. Maybe he did have you do that, though you didn't say. COPD or Emphysema is a naturally occurring disease. That is you can get it, even though you have never smoked, etc. As we age, our lungs loose a lot of their elasticity, and with environmental factors, we are prone to all these "wonderful" things that befall mankind. I have only a RT lung, the LT removed 9 yrs ago due to cancer. I do nebulizer treatments with Levalbuterol, use Spiriva and Advair 250/50. I am on oxygen continuously due to the altitude of where I live, but I have a backpack device that I fill with liquid oxygen, and am able to go for walks, etc. I try to stay away from people with colds, etc, and small children with coughs. Feel free to ask anything re: this, as I am a retired Respiratory Therapist too. Hope this helps some.

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Thanks all for responding!
I did neglect to say that he has done tests on me, lots of them. X-rays, scans, you name it.

I have swallowing problems, majorly-he kept wanting me to get a stomach tube inserted and I told him NO. I'm not aspirating and I'm not going to until I have to do so. I might be making the wrong decision but that stomach business just doesn't look like a good time-it looks like a good place to get sore and infections. On the other hand, I'm sure pneumonia isn't a good thing, either, especially with one lung. I'm between a rock and a hard place.

I do get short of breath, as well, but the only med I have is my inhaler and some kind of allergy med that's 10 mg, not really much at all. I'm thinking of finding a new pulmonologist. He never mentioned a nebulizer or anything like it-he said I should walk 35 minues a day, I would if I could. The other health problems I have prevent me from doing so, I thought he would take that into account.

I also have a node in my good lung, 7mm. Does anyone know if that's close to being in the malignant size of 10mm? I have nodes on my thyroid & when they're that size they're biopsied right away. My last chest xray of it was in May or June, he said to come back in June of 2012.

I've tried ignoring this area of my body but it's not working. I get reminded of it every time I huff and puff. How often do you all see your pulmonologist?

Thanks again for your info.

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I would like to know what trachea1 thinks. It seems to me you do need a second opinion because you don't seem to have a lot of faith in the one you have.
I see my respirologist every 6 months since my surgery one year ago.

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Smiley, I see my pulmonologist probably about every 6 mos or more. I live about 250 mi away from where he practices, but wouldn't change docs. He used to be my primary physician, the one that I saw for everything. I have an internal med doc that I see here locally, for things other than my breathing.

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Yikes, guys, I think I'd better find another and fast. I'm going to ask my GP to give me an order for a chest x-ray, just to make sure that node didn't grow...We want to leave for AL the first week of January but it might not happen. I can't tolerate the cold anymore, I really can't.

My pulmonologist did say I had a really good lung, maybe that's why I didn't get anything. That's except for the node, of course. I am soooo tired of 'doctoring' as they say in my hometown.

I'll post again after I see my GP. I'm firing her, too, it's almost like I'm teaching her more than I'm learning. Not good.

Take care all, and thanks again.

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We haveto take some responsibility for our own health. You know how you feel. You probably know you body better than anybody else does. Docs don't walk on water, though many would like you to believe that they do. I just recently told/asked my pulmonologist that I needed to have a repeat CT done of my chest. I hadn't had one in 5 yrs, and even though I knew that my one lung was in pretty good shape, considering. No problem, had the CT, and as I suspected, no change from 5 yrs ago. But a sigh of relief just the same. No recurrence of the CA. Your doc has to listen to what you say. You may be wrong, but then, he may be wrong too! If you get no satisfaction, by all means, look for a doc who will listen to you. If you have a better breathers club nearby, go to a meeting, ask patients who they see for their lung probs. Make an informed decision!

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My pulmonolgiist has me come in every two months. In addition to COPD I also have NSCLC stage III/2. Because of taking chemo, I get scans to see how it is going.

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I'm sorry to hear you have all of that to deal with...How much more chemo do you have to do?

Hang in there...and stay in touch, will you?

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I found out I have Paget's bone disease-it's very uncommon. I set up a page here in inspire and I'm the only lonely member. I was talking about it with my opthamalogist and he said he's seen bone grow in the eye muscle because the skull was growing so fast. Therefore any place there's bone and any place the disease is, it can grow into that organ. I hope my spine leaves my 'stuff' alone, including my lungs.

The body is soooooooo weird. Every thing runs right, it's great. Get one or 5 things out of whack and bam! You have something or other or many go kaput. Rather un-nerving.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all & Happy New Year, as well. I keep having computer problems so I'm saying it now while I can. :-)


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Don't know how much more chemo or even if this is working. Will or should know more after a scan next week. Will decide to go from there. This chemo is much easier on me than the first stuff I took. Had three times and put me in hospital for 5 days and then 10 days. Told son I would rather be dead and meant it. I personally think that quality of life ls more important than just existing and being a burden on every one. I have a goal of taking a trail ride this spring. Been a while since I have been on a horse but had them when younger and miss them very much. But first I need to get enough energy to get back to my art work. I do pet portraits and landscapes. Seldom do abstracts for I like realistic depictions. Chemo steals your energy. Been difficult to do Xmas baking this year. I make Swedish coffee cakes for people who have been kind to me and relatives. Been using bread machine to do the kneading for me. Don't know much about Paget's but have heard of it. Sorry you have it on top of all else. Try to do something you really like to do to treat yourself. You deserve a treat and be kind to your self.

Spring does come after the winter.


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