I would like to know if anyone out there has any experience with having gotten the shingles shot. I know that there are many medications that are not good when you have CMT. My doctor does not recommend that I get a flu shot, but when I see the commercial about the shingles virus and think about having additional pain to add to what I already have it freaks me out. Has anyone out there gotten this injections and if so how did it go and did it help.

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I get a flu shot every year and I also got the shingles injection. I had no problem with either.

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I currently have Shingles (and, I'm ONLY 37!!) post-op complication ); Anyway, worst pain I've ever had - felt like I was on FIRE! If I were you, I would get the vaccine - you do NOT want this, it really hurts.

Treatment is high doses of Valtrex (1 gram 3x a day), and that comes with it's own array of side effects (so far, I'm experiences headaches and fatigue from the treatment, but the burning has finally subsided.)

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Yes,I did and everything went well and I am fine. I didn't have any problems.

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I received the shingles shot last date no probs.

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I get the flu shot every year and have never had any complications.

I've never had the shingles shot but intend to get one soon after reading the other posts. My doctor had said it would be a good idea.

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I've gotten flu shots every year for the last 15 years and I've never had any adverse reactions.

I'd like to get the shingles shot but can't afford it.

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I get the flu shot every year and to date no problems. I have also had the shingles shot and no problems there either.

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I got the shingles shot when I turned 60. It was no problem. I also get the flu shot every year and it has prevented me from getting the flu. I recommend both. I have had no problem with side effects with any shots I receive.

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I got the flu shot every year for 10 years, then I realized that during those 10 years, my CMT progressed at a much more rapid rate than any other peiod in my life, and more than my mothers or grandmothers. When people say they don't have adverse reactions from the flu shot, I'm not sure if they're expecting some sudden & immediate reaction. I no longer get the flu shot, nor do I encourage my son who has CMT to get it. It's just not worth it.

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I have CMT. My brother and daughters also have CMT. The flu shot is from a dead deactivated virus and has no side effects whatsoever. I got the flu 15 years ago and have taken the preventative shot every year since. I have had no flu and have stayed healthy ever since receiving the shots annually. My brother and daughters also chose to get flu shots and have remained flu free. The shots have nothing to do with the progress of CMT. The shingles shot also has nothing to do with the progress of CMT. For those that do not get these shots for this reason, that is your choice. I choose not to become ill with the flu or shingles if I can prevent them, or in the case of shingles, lessen the symptoms if I do come down with shingles, in spite of receiving the shot.

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Vaunhele--You should read the warning label on your flu shot. It says if you have a neurological disorder, you should first consult with your physician. Also, all the doctors I've spoken with about this are on the fence and say it's not proven either way, and it's up to you whether to take the risk with the flu shot when you have CMT. Not sure why you're so certain, when the doctors are uncertain. Are you a neurologist?

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My Drs. recommend the shots One of them is a Neurologist, one a Gynecologist and one is a General Practitioner. I do not live my life being afraid of scientific treatments. I work in a large hospital and we are encouraged to get the flu shots every year. The people who stay well are the people who get the shots; a large majority of my fellow employees. Frankly, I think it is naïve not to get protection, but that is certainly an option. I respect your right to have or reject, whatever kind of medical treatment you decide is right or wrong for you. Obviously we can agree to disagree.

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I got the shingle shot on Monday Sept. 30 and within 3 hrs. I had aches and pain in the arm and shoulder.
By Tuesday Night I had an allergic reaction to the shot. I had a swollen arm with redness and temperature.
This morning I called the Dr. and was told sometimes with having a disease like CMT, reactions would be normal.
I am feeling better with the swelling subsiding. Thank goodness I do not have to have this again.
I was diagnosised with CMT in 2005. I have read everything I can find on this. I have 3 sons and grandaughters. They need to
know what to look for and expect if they are diagnosised . The HNF has alot of great up to date information.


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