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I do not have celiac disease...but I do have gastroparesis...and I am trying to start a gluten free diet to see how it works for me. Does anyone have a list of brands or foods so I don't have to look at the labels. I'm having a hard time understanding how to read what is gluten-free. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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I have gastroparesis also. I went to Whole Foods Market and I got a huge print out list of foods that are gluten free. My GI doctor recommened that I stop all gluten and milk products for a month. I have not got my tests back yet to see if I have cealiac but he thinks if I don't have that I have an intolerance to gluten. Udi's has gluten free breads, muffins, pizza crust and more. I hope this helps as I am new as well. good luck! :)

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Hi guys... also Wegmans has a whole gluten free section to choose from and also a list if you go to customer service. Trader Joes has a list also and a great line of products plus they carry Udis much cheaper then anywhere else. Kings carries some products like Dr Praigers fish sticks and some frozen GF things like stuffed shells for when you are in a pinch and can't make things from scratch. I use these for when I cannot be home and the hubby has to make dinner lol. The Kings also carries King Arthur flours and mixes and De Boles pasta which is delicious! Shop-Rite also carries some product like GF pretzels and Vans waffles and Schar breads. There are los of choices now compared to years ago so I consider ourselves lucky! We also go to our local health food store and pick up items we cannot find otherwise like all the Namaste products which we love! I sure hope this helps you and if you need anything :) let me know since we have wasted lots of money trying things that were not good! Be well!

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I'm just over a month into a GF diet since my celiac diagnosis. Since I'm now a lifer with this diet, somehow it's easier, I think. I had a consult with a dietician, who told me to speak to the concierge at Whole Foods. Yes... a concierge! I met with Bonne at the Whole Foods on 75th street in Aurora, IL, and she spent TWO HOURS with me, walking me around the store and talking about Gluten Free options available to me. Since then, I've been exploring new worlds - expanding my home dining options every week. This week - I've been working on stir fry! Bonnie showed me a gluten free soy sauce that helped that out. I also found some Rice macaroni at a local chain grocer, (Jewel), and I used Velveeta and Kraft's powdered cheese (I had read both were GF), some milk and butter, and made my own version of Kraft's mac and cheese. It tasted SO good - even better than the boxed version.

I also grill a lot, I'm exploring variations for potatoes and rice, and I'm even eating my vegetables. (Not a lot - but it's a start!) I'm also taking multi-vitamins daily. My GI system seems to be working better, and though I thought I was symptom free - I had just learned to live with the discomfort caused by the disease, because I now notice the absence of the discomfort. Don't miss it...

Anyway - things are not as bad as all that. Another person recommended Trader Joes - and they do have some options. They have great frozen pancakes (I also understand Bisquick as GF pancake mix!), and these cookies (snicker--doodles) that are quite tasty. Ask someone there to help you out.

Also - don't be shy when you're out to ask about GF options at restaurants. They might surprise you!

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