Signet ring cell - adenocarcinoma (Stomach Cancer)

My Brother(33years) had a Stomach cancer(H.Pylori) and 3 weeks back he got surgery and 85% of the upper part of the stomach is removed (Sub total gastrectomy with D2 dissection).

Total 11 Lymph nodes were removed.The pathology report says 2 lymph nodes are effected.

- Signet ring cell carcinoma (poorly differentiated Aden o carcinoma)
- Tumor infiltrating up to muscle layer and serosa.
- Resected margins are free from the tumor.

Doctor told, that in another week he will start Chemotherapy.Now almost 4 week over, till now they didn't start any treatment like Chemo/Radiotherapy.We are little bit worried.

My question is after the operation, when he is taking the solid diet

he is vomiting and losing his weight day by day. So please suggest me
* What foods are best soon after surgery?
* How can he avoid dumping syndrome?
* Are there foods or drinks he should avoid?
* Doctors are saying his survival is OK? What does it means
* Can you please tell at what stage his cancer is Approximately?
* Is it very dangerous?
* what percentage of stomach cancer patients survive?
* In some reviews i saw that, Signet ring cell wont respond to Chemo?Is it true?
Please let me know your advise. It is very helpful.

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My dad had stomach cancer 16 years ago. They removed 3/4 of his stomach. He took chemo but no radiation back then. He is doing great. Looked like death for a very long time. His stomach strched out in time and now has a good life with nothing re-occuring.
God bless you and your brother

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Hi Anita,
Thank you so much for you reply.
Is he diagnosed with Signet ring cell adenocarcinoma (Stomach Cancer)?
The only concern is that ,this signet ring cell carcinoma wont respond to chem o.As his age is young, these cells are so aggressive,So I want to know the best what we can do?

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I donot have any answers to your questions.
Does he go to a cancer hospital? MD Anderson in houston Tex. has a website you can email a dr there they will respond.
You need to be asking the dr all of these questions. Go to his office if wont call. Alwasy take notes when at the dr and if possible take a tape recorder and record everything. Make a list of questions to ask the Dr and take it with you. Get copies of blood work and labs.
Ask I wish I could help you, I know how scared one can be. I have leukemia, given 2 yrs to live and told would never make remission. I am full remission after 1 year, and believe the Lord has many plans for me yet. All I can do for you is pray, I wish I had answers for you.
For food try Boost or ensure (does he have a feeding tube? I do not know about his diet. Maybe soft scrambled eggs for protein. No pepper, probably very light meals due to size of the stomach. eat a few bites, and wait awhile. You really need to talk to his Dr if you can't get another dr that is concerned with his well being and not so much as getting his name in the medical journal.

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