Ground Glass in Lungs - Doc called about CT

i have systemic scleroderma and sjogren's. I had a CT done that was a follow-up to one done in Feb. The one in Feb indicated a 4 x 5 nodule that the oncologist wanted to see how it was. Well my local general practitioner called because the oncologist won't be here until next Wednesday.

He said the lung nodule doesn't appear on the CT but it is now a shadow. He went on to say that my lungs are ALOT worse than they were in Feb. He said that I have a great deal of ground glass. I asked him what that meant and he said I should discuss it with the oncologist when he calls next Wednesday. I tried and persisted to get more info and that's all he would say.

Well I googled "ground glass in lungs" and I am not at all comforted in what I'm reading. Does anyone have any experience, knowledge or information with this. It will be a long worrisome wait until next Wednesday.



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Hi Peggy,
I too have Scleroderma and Sjogren's. Also am a survivor of a rare lung cancer (03) and already have one less lobe on my right side.

Had a regular CT scan - yearly for Scleroderma and the cancer.
Radiologist in his report says that there has been a great increase in size and number of ground glass nodules - suspicious for malignancy. I read on the internet under lung cancer that this kind of nodule is related to a kind called BAC - which seems to behave differently that the regular cancer? don't know what that means exactly...

I am freaking out too and cannot sleep at all. I have read about this on the internet and tried to persuade myself that it is related to the Scleroderma...I don't know.

Was supposed to have a PET/CT yesterday but they called to say that the machine had crashed. I was beside myself as I would rather have an answer as soon as possible.

I see my Pulmonologist on Tuesday but I am guessing from my reading that I better prepare myself for surgery. I want to know what it is...just me.

If you need someone to talk to - we seem to be at the same stage of the process - my email is

Take care,
Wish you the best of luck..

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hi, when I had my scan back in Nov of 08, I also had the ground glass , etc... and they had to do a bronc. to find out what was going on, since bac is a very (most times) slow growing lung cancer and it cannot be treated as most lung cancers, chemo sometimes does not work on slow growing cancer cells, and I had the surgery and it was lung cancer, adenocarcinoma with bac tendicies and I have had 2 scans since then and so far ok... they did get it all, but there was on small margin that was not clear, the rest were all clear and I had my right lower lobe removed and they wedged out 2 tumors on the upper right lobe. BAC does not show up sometimes on pet scans, as my upper right lobe did not light up at all, but the doctor said he felt I had to have the open surgery so he could get at the whole right side, so I did, if you have to have lung cancer, its best to have the bac along with it, not that any lung cancer is good, but you may just not have anything, try not to worry, I freaked out when I first heard my diagnosis and now I am learning to live with it, so my prayers are with you and hoping that its nothing, it could be a infection also, bac has the look of infection on the scans. We have had patients that it has shown ground glass on their films and it turned out not to be cancer.... I just wanted to share my experience with you. If you have to have surgery, do it. Alot of people cannot have surgery, so its a good sign if they feel they can operate, best chance of survival. Please let me know how it turns out. good luck. my reg. email is


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