Gemzar success?

My husband just started Gemzar for ctcl that has spread to the lymph nodes. Has anyone had success with this treatment? It seems like this is our only hope and I pray it works.

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Clinical oncologists that perform real-time individualized cell culture analysis on cancer patients have found out years ago that the combination of Gemzar + platinum (either cisplatin, carboplatin or oxaliplatin) was the most important drug combination introduced for the treatment of solid tumors in the past 18 years. Clinical responses with this regimen were unprecedented.

Recognizing the synergistic effects of this combination had been very important in getting clinical trials with this regimen started in a broad spectrum of cancers. Test results have been shown to correlate with patient response, time to progression and survival with this regimen.

Gemzar is already approved as a cancer drug in the treatment for NSCLC, pancreatic cancer and metastatic breast cancer. Clinical studies reviewed by the FDA showed that patients treated with a combination of Gemzar + Carboplatin expreienced a significant improvement in survival and response rates compared to Carboplatin alone.

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I was just started on Gemzar and carboplatin for recurrent ovarian cancer, and like you, it is my last and only hope. I'll be praying for the both of us. The reply from gpawelski was very encouraging.

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Thank you both. I can say that five days after Gemzar the itching has gone down dramatically, the color has turned to brown and the ulcers are no longer oozing. Our next treatment is Monday.

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