Clear cell renal carcinoma?

I have been recently diagnosed with clear cell renal carcinoma that has spread to my right lung and right breast. Anyone have experience with this type of cancer? Clear cell is different from renal cell cancer. I tried the kidney cancer association website. But there was not much in clear cell.
I have not started treatment yet. But I am in a great deal of pain in my upper back which they say is due to the mass in the lung. I am doing acupuncture and pain meds. But neither work entirely.

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Mine was also described as "clear cell" but my urologist told me that clear cell and renal cell were the same. The difference being that clear cell was "clear". I am worried that yours has metastasized. I was told that when they removed my kidney (right), it was a cure, they got it all and I should't worry. I've also heard that clear cell is the easiest to cure since it's usually in the form of tumors that can be resected. My prayers are with you.

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