Brassica Tea with SGH

I saw info on Johns HOpkins site about this tea they developed. The SGH is the same compound that I know some people on this site look to get from broccoli sprouts and cruciferous vegetables--cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. The site for info is ON the site they say that the SGH lasts longer in detoxifying free radicals than vit c, vit e etc. I've been doing the broccosprouts that Hopkins sells under their name (buy at Safeway here in CA) but hot tea sounds good in this weather. Thought others might be interested. I squirreled around to see about a better price on the internet than theirs with the flat rate $6.95 shipping but didn't see much. The manufacturer retail store locator is pretty good though. Hope this helps, Beari

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You actually mean to say SGS (not SGH). Sulforaphane, in the form of its natural precursor - sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS) - is also found in foods such as kale and cabbage. Johns Hopkins University researchers found that young broccoli sprouts, in particular, contained high concentrations of SGS.

There is a nice quote on the Brassica Tea ( website

Q: How does SGS reduce the risk of cancer?

A: A complex process, detoxification involves the coordinate stimulation of enzyme inducers with different functions. Some detoxify free radicals --highly reactive molecules linked to the development of cancer. Other enzymes reduce free radical creation, and some conjugate carcinogens, allowing for more effective and rapid elimination from the body. In other words, a carcinogen that would normally accumulate in the fat tissues of the body can be conjugated to a molecule whose production is triggered by a chemoprotective enzyme, and become more water-soluble and thus more readily excreted in the urine.

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