Multiple Myeloma Help Please!!

I’d like to quickly tell my families story regarding the battle with Multiple Myeloma, and also ask for any others opinions/information regarding a few questions I have.

It all started two years ago, when my mother, then 52 collapsed with what turned up to be a crushed vertebrae. After surgery, it was pinned and stable, but we were then delivered the news that she had cancer. Initially diagnosed as Solitary Plasmacytoma.

She entered a treatment regime of Thalidomide followed by a stem cell transplant. At this stage we thought this would have given several years of remission and good health. Unfortunately, less than a year later she started feeling very tired, began having aches and pains and eventually after another bone marrow aspirate they told us that the cancer cells were active again, and were rising. It went from 6% to 9% in two weeks.

This led the doctors to start the next dose of therapy. This time they are injecting Valcade on a three week cycle and on liquid bone stenghteners . Unfortunately she is in extreme pain in both the upper back and ribs. She has slow release morphine to help deal with this but it is very restrictive and reduces quality of life.

That is her story in very brief, and not going into blood numbers etc. She is still young, very healthy and determined to beat it. This leads me on to a few questions which she has and to date has found no real answers to.

1. Bone pain – Will the bone pain reduce when and if the velcade starts working and hopefully brings the cancer count down? Or is this pain going to be with her for all time. She has had one dose of radiotherapy on the mainly vertebrae which is affected.

2. Curecumin - We have read much about curecumin and we were hoping to start taking this in combination with the velcade. Does anyone have any experience with this?

3. Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant – We have also read that the only real way to get on top of this cancer is to go through an allogeneic transplant (aware of the considerable risks). Is this the case? She has a sister who is very similar genetically and would be willing to help. How could we get tests to see if she was a match? Would this treatment be recommended by anyone?

4. Velcade – If this treatment does dramatically kill the cancer cells, could she be on low dose for a long time?

Thanks to everyone for reading and hopefully responding. We are determined to find a way where we can move forward and keep her having a good quality of life. We are realistic to the facts and figures of an average 48 months, and aware she has had this for two years already, but really looking for some realistic hope so we do something to help her.


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