Lung cancer with Brain Mets

Hello Everyone,
Well went in for my husband's chemo treatment today only to be told we aren't having that & was put on a steroid because he has 2 lesions on his brain.
He had an MRI w/wo contrast on Friday.
one is on left frontal lobe measures 1.9x.07 cm & then a mass in medial left occiptal lobe that measures 8x5mm
they think one of them has bled & put him on Dexamethason 4 times a day to reduce swelling in brain.
Dr is sending us to a Dr for Radiation Treatment sounds like he thinks they will be doing full brain radiation but that would be up to the other dr...He see's the Radiation Dr on Thursday & a Nuero Surgeon on Friday they said this is normal procedures...
I need input from those who have had same or similar experiences
I asked about gamma knife or cyber knife but he really didn't talk about that.
My Husband is 55 years old & healthy all but this nasty non small cell lung cancer.
I am freaked out bad can't stop crying some because my Grandmother died in 1976 from brain cancer I know a lot has changed since then but still terrifies me....
Please Help with advice about these procedures & what to expect

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