The Bill Henderson Protocol- Treating Cancer Naturally

As many of you know, I started the Bill Henderson Protocol - treating cancer naturally - on July 11th, MRI 2100 after being told on June 8th that I needed a mastectomy.
I promised I would keep you updated. I just had an MRI on Monday and I saw my surgeon on Wednesday who said that "no one can reverse cancer", that he had gotten the results of the MRI and much to my delight told me the cancer had not spread (So why did I need a mastectomy "as-soon-as-possible" in June?) AND he told me I needed a mastectomy which is scheduled for Dec. 27th. Naturally, I was pretty upset and confused. Yesterday I got a letter from the office that did the MRI that read: Your MRI breast shows an area the needs to be looked at again to continue to be sure that it is normal. We recommend that you have a follow-up in one year for a bilateral breast MRI. Can you believe this?!
The good news is it looks like I just may have acheived my goal and rid myself of cancer (or at least reduced it and still have a ways to go) but the surgeon is a non-believer and a bit over-zealous? I already have an appointment to have a mammogram on the 22nd and see my oncologist on the 30th and soooooooooo look forward to what this results. I also took another HCG test and look forward to seeing if I've lowered my cancer count. Sounds like I will be canceling my mastectomy and firing my surgeon. :-)

My best to all of you, Sandi

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Sandi-I couldn't be happier for you! Yes you should fire your surgeon and celebrate not having the mastectomy. Remember I told you that my surgeon urged me to have a mastectomy and later when I did have exploratory surgery (against his wishes) there was no cancer. So they are not right all the time and we have to be proactive and look after ourselves and our treatment. Did you know that Bill Henderson has an updated Cancer Free book out right now-It is written by him and by Carlos Garcia, MD who has a clinic (holistic) in Florida and probably has great information for people. It is the 4th edition so you might want to look that up.
You are just doing great and I couldn't be more happier for you. Tuesday, I have a consult with my naturopathic oncologist over the phone on my lab tests. My radiation oncologist and radiologist both felt there was no need to have the mammogram in November so was also thrilled. You will probably never get recognition from your surgeon. The last time I saw mine even though I was doing great he made sure to tell me "You didn't have chemo and the cancer can go to your brain, lung, and bones." Nothing like boy you are doing just great. I haven't seen him since. So the best of luck and I am very confident that you will do quite well with Henderson's protocol. Check out the book-it just came out. He also said that if you recently bought his other books-this one would be discounted to those people. Stay strong, live well.

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Thank you Natural Girl,

Thank you for your message. I am so sorry your surgeon was also so closed-minded and had to thrust his beliefs on you in such a hurtful way and at such a vulnerable time. Scheduling a mastectomy - even though the radiologists said to come back in a year - was pretty mind-blowing to me. Not presenting information- as he see's it and giving ME the choice I find not just arogent but irresponsible - even if he believes in what he is doing. As an adult I deserve to have a choice and to decide for myself the best health care.

Yes, I know about Bill's new book because I just spoke to him on Thursday. While I will forever be grateful to the man for the work he has done, our conversation was very disaapointing to me. I am opening my heart and being as compassionate as possible but, even though he knew that I has less then 3 points to go to reach 50, it was like he was reading from a script. He suggested that I have 1000's of dollars of work done to my teeth(!), (or fly to Ca. and go to Mexico when I said I could not afford this), buy a book and learn muscle testing and, well, he just wasn't really talking to me and almost each question I asked, he talked around. It was as frustrating as my doctors. One size fits all kind of thing. And he kept talking about himself a lot which made me very sad because I did not want him to sound so insecure. I wanted and expected far more from him. Before he hung up I told him that I felt worse and even more insecure after talking to him than I did before and if I did not do any of his suggetions and just continued doing what I have been doing according to his book,did he think I'd get rid of cancer, and he said "Probably but it would take months." Two days later I got this letter saying that I could come back in a year.

I am looking at this unpleasent experience as yet another lesson to learn to trust in myself and my intuition and not expect others to be "the answer". I know everyone has sides to them that I may not like. I've decided to just take what I need and leave the rest. And again I am very very grateful to him for the book he has written. I am not sure I would like (and obviously don't think it neccessary for myself to beat cancer) adding more and more things to the protocol. I personally like to keep things simple however others may need this additional information. And perhaps in the future I may need it too but right now I found his suggestions on the phone to be rather extreme and very overwhelming since I am already doing all that I am and my last test was just 52.6. Now that I think about it, msaybe he was so into his new book mode, perhaps this is why he kept thrusting this on me and wasn't thinking about me and my personal needs. Who knows? I do have compassion for the dear man, afterall he is almost 80 years old. And may God bless him for the work he does.

Thank you again for you message.

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Such exciting news will prove him wrong. In the meantime, know that you are doing all the right things and that some docs just will never adapt to these changing times...sad, but slowly, we are retraining them, one doc at a time....

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Check out this link....does not exactly apply, but it may make a difference in treatment plans for small tumors... -away-on-their-own/

be well my friend, many hugs...

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Great article Elyn! Thank you very much.

I understand these doctors do have to be so conservative to cover their own behinds but this doesn't mean I need to lose my breast and suffer this pain and hardship. What a shock it is to discover there are doctors who refuse to allow you to make choices in your own health care! I am sure you have seen this again and again. Such a sad and bad situation.

Thank you for all the support you've given me. I so very much appreciate it.


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SandiG-Sorry about your experience with Henderson was less than desireable. I always am in search for more holistic information; doesn't mean I will do what they suggest but the information could be empowering for you. I am particularly interested in knowing what this famous Dr. Carlos Garcia has to say. As far as the dental goes-I have silver fillings and when I need to refill I pay extra to not have the silver fillings. Sometimes I think we do more harm than good but removal of everything-this has to be done hopefully by a biological dentists who is familiar with this. You seem to be doing very well so I am not sure why you even have to go this route. As far as listening to surgeons I think it is more important to listen to your heart and go the direction that you think you should. And I think you really have been doing that otherwise you wouldn't be doing as well as you are. Try to remember that many people feel that there is a strong connection between dental and cancer but I feel each person is different and each person's immune system is different. To me, it sounds as if your immune system is getting stronger not weaker so good work for that! Just remember that people look to you and your successes and are very encouraged by your tenacity and strength. Thank you for that!

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Thank you Natural Girl,

I too think there is much to mercury comproming our immune system and do not doubt Bill's knowledge at all. His advice was simply overkill for me (having the holes where my 13 year molars cleaned too) and all he needed to say was IF your tests do not come back proving you have rid yourself of cancer and you do not want to continue doing what you've been and waiting months, you have this option. He really scared the hell out of me and I felt momentarily defeated knowing there was no way I could afford such a thing. When I began to cry and said I can't afford this, he said "Borrow the money if you want to get well! (BTW, years ago, when I had more money, I did what you are doing and had the white stuff used instead of mercury but I have since heard that there is something bad with these too. Anyone know anything about this?)

The good news is two days after talking to BH, I got my letter from my MRI results saying "Come back in a year." Thank the dear Lord! It did make made for a rather challenging week. Thank god I have my wonderful supportive friends and cancer coach Elyn Jacobs (out of NY) and this is all behind me. Today I have an appointment for a mamogram and then I'm seeing my oncologist on the 30th. I can't help but wonder if he is going to say "Well, I'm glad you finally scheduled to get a mastectomy even though you waited five months after the recommended time" or "Your MRI and mamogram show the cancer is no longer there as hard as I find to believe this." He'll most likely agree with the surgeon since last time we spoke he told me I was playing with fire. It's so weird knowing it could go either way because strong beliefs makes it impossible to see what, thankfully the radiologist reading my MRI (same place I had my last MRI 6 months ago), saw.

We REALLY need to look out for ourselves and be responsible for our own medical care .....even when our doctors take our choices from us! Thank God I got the letter from the MRI! Even as I write this I find it hard to believe but I understand it's not uncommon. Doctors are people and they believe what they believe and my surgeon believes I have to have a mastectomy because it's impossible to rid oneself of cancer and he told me this during my appointment. We believe in very different things but he did not respect this because he wants to rid me of cancer. He decided to do what HE thinks best despite what the radiologist's report said and what I believe because he "knows" it's impossible. Okay. Enough from me this morning. :-)

My best to all who are reading this. XXX Sandi

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Just another thought I had: Why not first suggest people get a test to find out IF they have mercury poisoning rather than have all of their mercury fillings removed? Doesn't this make far more sense?

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Did BH mention adding Cilantro to your diet to remove heavy metals? did he ask you what type of fish oils you are taking to avoid toxicity? Just curious. I am not convinced that the white filling are safe, so I would be hesitant to remove filling that have been in place, possibly chip off pieces which might be ingested, only to fill the teeth with yet another toxin.

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Sandi, it is a sad situation. Some of the resistance is due to medical ignorance, some just plain stubborn, and some CYA. I can tell you countless stories where docs have said to me, Elyn, we have to do law. this translates to "this is required by the insurance company so you can't sue me". Sadly, society is much to blame here. however, this does not excuse doctors from staying up to date on new theories or by using logic instead of old med school practices.

As I mentioned to you...with my recent run-in with appendicitis, my trusted doc said not to let the surgeon bully me into surgery, that likely I could avoid it. Ha, wouldn't you know that the surgeon said the same thing...he said what he was suggesting was rather unconventional, but he really thought my appy could be resolved without surgery. I had five excellent radiologists insisting I head straight to the OR, and the surgeon said no. Both my doc and the surgeon were taking a risk, so to speak, but I applaud them for sticking to their guns.

I also find this with NSM's. Many docs won't even discuss it, says they are way too risky and that one would be "stupid" to consider it. Just another show of ignorance, but that story is for another day. hugs to all

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Last Saturday I got my MRI back recommending that I come back in one year and yesterday I got the results from my mammogram saying the exact same thing! YA-hoo!

I have an appointment with my oncolgist this Wednesday who told me that I was playing with fire. I an now so looking forward to hearing what he says having received these two reports. I plan to sit sweetly and listen and take in whatever he has to say respecting his right to his perspective and wanting to hear it. I wonder if he is going to STILL believe that you cannot rid oneself cancer through diet and supplements (and excercise and prayer) and if so, how he's going to justify this. I wonder if he is going to feel threatened because 67% of his salary (so I've read) is from chemotheropy. I wonder if he will think the two radiologists must have made a mistake. I wonder if he is going to think if I'm some sort of "miracle" and simply lucky.

I have already written him a letter telling him exactly what I did. As his patient, I thought it the most respectful thing to do. Naturally, I am hoping that he'll learn from what I did and pass this information on to all his patients so they know they too have this option however, something tells me this might be wishful thinking on my part. My plan is to tell the world and I am thrilled to be able to share this with you. :-)

My very best to all, Sandi

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Such great news Sandi! Another trailblazer helping to make it easier for others....thanks so much for posting!

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Thank you so much for your help Elyn!

TO ALL OTHERS: Did you know Elyn (See the posting above this one) is a professional cancer-coach? She has amazing knowledge of ways one can help themselves get through the horrors of this time and without hesidancy, is happy to go to bat for you - even going to appointments with you - if you want. Plus she has a huge heart and she "held my hand," giving me support and confidence whenever I most needed it. I highly recommend her professional services to anyone who has cancer (just as she herself once had).

As strong as I know I am after all I have been through and as much research as I myself have done, there were always times when I needed someone who understood where I was coming from and did not want to shove his perspective down my face but treated me with respect (which God knows, we all need). Elyn is this person.

She can help you whether you live in NY or not. She helped me via the internet and phone. Just a suggestion to anyone who might need a dear sweet and knowledgeable person to be in their corner. Here is her website:

My very best to all of you, Sandi

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My pleasure Sandi, I am so very happy for you. Your faith in yourself and commitment to wellness is testament to what can be accomplished, and your success is proof that if given the right support, the body is a great self-healer.

Sandi is a true thriver and will surely make a difference in the lives of women going forward. thank you Sandi!

Oh, and good luck tomorrow....hope he surprises you and acknowledges your success!

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What part of BH protocol did you use? All of it?
Did you do the flax seed and cottage cheese?

I'm thinking to do it but I keep hearing that flax seed has estrogen that is feeding the breast cancer to grow. I don't know how accurate this information is. Do you know anything about it?

Good luck!!!

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I have been doing all of it and was diagnosed with estrogen positive breast cancer. I have never heard of that problem nor have had any problems with that. I do not see this as a problem. Certainly wasn't for me.

You might get in touch with Elyn - above your posting. She's wonderful and knows far more than I do.

My very best to you, Sandi

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Yes, Lignans are phytoestrogens, but they actually bind to estrogen receptors in the body and work a bit like Tamoxifen, as they hop on the estrogen and bind up these hormones and carcinogens and remove them from the body. Although lignans are found in most unrefined grains (barley, buckwheat, millet and oats), soybeans, and some vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and spinach), flaxseed is the richest source. Just be sure you use freshly ground flaxseed, not preground, and store them in the refrigerator. Also, golden flax is preferable over brown.

my best, elyn

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this is an interesting link regarding flax...

go Charlemagne!

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Hi Elyn,

Thank you for the information. I read the link you sent. It is interesting. I will send it to my onc. However I forgot to mention that I'm Triple Negative and the article talks about estrogen positive and Tamaxsofin. Can you please clarify it for me?



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Also the BH protocol talks about flax seed oil and not the ground seeds. Does it make any different?

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