spasms and anoxic brain injury

My wife has anoxic brain injury and has been having bad spasms. Has anyone else seen this?If so, what helped?? It is hard to watch her like this. The Dr s are giving her baclofin.

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Just a thought here, could it be the high dose of ambien causing more spasms? In brain injury you just never know if a drug will work the way its supposed to. I personally never remember giving Jim more the 10`s if you don`t count trying the CR`s. Ruth

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What do you consider spasms? My son has really bad contractures. In fact so bad he now has a baclofen pump. We recently started a series of 40 hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments and the first improvement that I noticed was how much more relaxed his arms and legs were. Expensive and experimental but if you have any way to look into it, I would a.s.a.p. All of the medications that help relax the muscle tone are so sedating so you are going to be fighting my battle between brain stimulating drugs and brain numbing drugs. Wish I could help more.

Jamie (Adamsmother)

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