Sheared Brain Stem

My daughter Stacey, was in an automobile accident Feb 3, 2001. She had tramatic brain injury, along with a sheared brain stem. She is total care. I take care of her at home. She is now 31years old. She only has a feeding tube. There has been alot of discussion and research being done on Ambien, and its effects on people with brain injury. I have researched this myself, and found several cases where Ambien has helped these patients become more alert. Now, does anyone know if this Ambien can help someone with a sheared brain stem?

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Hi, sounds like you have your hands full. Just try it, with drs permission of course. I have seen how it makes Jims brain click in a different way. All we can do is try different things and hope they help in some way. Ruth

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I appreciate your reply. I' m not sure when the program will begin. I will keep you posted. I'm new to Inspire. Who is Jim? Did he have a brain injury too?
Lets keep in touch. Annie

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Yes, Jim has an anoxic brain injury, he is my son and also lives at home. If you click on someones name( in blue) it will take you to there profile and most have a little background there. Ruth

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