Has Anyone Had Wrist Tendon Repair Surgery?

After months of severe pain in my right wrist, splinting, 4 weeks in a cast and cortizone shot an MRI revealed 2 torn tendons in my right wrist that aren't healing (my family didn't believe my pain was "that bad" until the MRI came back- Grrrrrrrrrrr!). Having surgery on August 22nd for repair. Just wondering if anyone has had similar surgery and would share their experience and any advice on how to make my life easier while I am recovering. I am not a person who likes to sit still much or being limited and I got very, very agitated being in a cast for 4 weeks to rest the tendon. I probably used my wrist more then than I should have and am trying to find ways to avoid that after surgery. I am looking for the little tips no one thinks of until they are home and realize what they need.

Thanks in advance for any and all input.


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I did not break tendons in my wrist, but dislocated my thumb a couple of times. I trip on things and fall because I have a visual impairment. The hand surgeon took the tendon in my wrist (the big one in the middle) and moved it up to my thumb to use in place of the ligament I broke in the thumb when I dislocated it the second time. It's been 15 years since that, and my thumb is very stable and usable. The surgery was like surgery, it hurt for awhile afterwards. It took a long time get my thumb better, and I had to go to hand therapy for quite a while. I did what they told me to do at therapy and at home. It was successful. I believe you will do fine, and, while you may be antsy while the cast is on, in the end you will be glad you did what they tell you. Don't do stuff you should not because you could end up hurting it more. I was working as a legal assistant then, and typed with one hand. I was slow, but I was there. I used pencils to scratch the skin under the cast. Not a good thing to do, but it was itchy when in the cast. I remember writing with my left hand, and doing things one-handed. You will figure it out as it comes. Try not to pre-think the agitation. Good luck.


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Thanks for the response. I had emergency bypass surgery 3 and a half years ago and, after that, you tend to go into anything surgical trying to overthink and plan for recovery since I had no time in that case. I am really trying to go into it with the attitude that it will make me get some much needed down time. My daughter, her husband and their now 4 month old moved in with us 2 months ago while he transitions into the Army. I am kind of looking forward to the rest I will get while under anesthesia!

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