Bone pain in legs/feet, arms/hands...NEWBIE ALERT :)

Hi everyone.

I'm Karen. I'm 53. I've osteopenia of the spine, and am having a great deal of bone pain in my lower legs/ankles/feet...arms and hands.

This pain is worse at night.

My doctor had me see a rheumatologist as some blood work concerned them about scleroderma but I do not have scleroderma.

The next trip for me is to the endocrinologist with a specialty in metabolism. I don't even know what that means or that there was such a subset of endrocrinologists. What will they be able to see other docs have not?

I'm a little scared about bone cancer or multiple myeloma (uncle has). The Sclero specialist said that she didn't think it was bone cancer as it is not in just one area or bone, only affects my limbs and that it was a radiant ache, more than big pain.

The pain (again) is more an ache and seems to be worse at night or if I lay a certain way.

I have the osteopenia in the spine which caused me a great deal of pain down my leg (right) and I had a rhizotomy to help with that pain. I had an mri of the spine two years ago that showed no cancer.

I cannot get into the endrocrinologist office until October 3rd. I'm thinking that is a forever away.

I'm going to see my regular physician per the endocrinologists suggestion and see if we can't get some of the tests the endocrinologist may want done, done prior to the appt.

With the myriad blood tests I've had done, I'm telling myself that bone cancer would have shown up. I had a dexa of my spine and hips and it didn't show anything, but then again would it?

Symptoms are:

bone pain in extremities, worse at night, not worse with exercise.


muscle fatigue

VitD deficiency (taking 5000 a day)

If anyone has any ideas, or can put my mind at ease a bit I'd appreciate it.

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I should also add that for 8 years, off and on, I show I am hypercalcemic. parathyroid test comes out positive.

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"no parathyroid test comes out positive."

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What you call bone pain... could you also describe it as muscle pain?
I have muscle pain but often feel as it if is my bones that are aching, because it feels so deep inside. And with me, too, it's worse at night, when I'm in bed, though I do feel it to a lesser extent in different parts of my body much of the time – mostly my shoulders and arms.
Mine, too, could well be described as a radiant ache.
What did the blood reports say about RA? I am sero-negative RA, meaning I have it, clinically diagnosed, but no evidence of it in the blood, as happens with 20% of RA sufferers.
This radiant aching of the muscles (but could even be the bones.... hard to tell) is for me a fairly recent addition to RA's otherwise mostly joint related symptoms. It reminds me of the rheumatism I used to get years ago when I lived in a cold damp climate and had ineffective heating.
Ever had rheumatism? Is it like that?

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There are easily 100 different conditions that could account for your pain, and cancer is very low on the list. Cancer would affect specific spots first, vs being so generalized.

I have myoadenylate deaminase deficiency and post-polio syndrome, both of which have produced symptoms fairly similar to what you describe. And I'm guessing a dozen others here have conditions with similar symptoms as well. I'm also vaguely recalling some disorders of bone metabolism that can produce such symptoms.

Your hypercalcemia would suggest that a disorder of bone metabolism is likely. Hyperparathyroidism would be a good first guess, but if that's been (mostly) eliminated then the endocrinologist with specialty in bone metabolism is exactly who you should be seeing.

It sounds to me like the docs are doing their jobs well (though I know it sucks when you're told you have to wait months to see a specialist).

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have they checked you out for polymyalgia ruehmatica ? I have had that for 2 years and am on pain med's and steroids and now my joints are in trouble and need to have a hip replacement this coming Thursday not looking forward to it at all...I have had so many surgeries in the last few years...anyway if they have not checked you for this ask them to.

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By the way, if the endo finds nothing it might be wise to get checked out by a neurologist. There are several neurological/muscle disorders that could account for your pain.

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Hi Karen,

I was searching the internet because for the past 7/8 months I've been have pretty much the same symptoms as you...pain in my bones in my hands and feet and it hurts worse at night. Physically I'm completely healthy, my bloodwork came back great, the only thing they found was I have a vitamin D deficiency....which I saw you have too. Other than that they said they believe I'm fine and if I continue to have pain we'll talk then. Well it's been like 2/3 weeks and I'm still having pain. Some days worse than others, but livable...I'm ok. I'd love to know what the outcome was for you, as I'd like to find an answer for me as well. I'm so scared that it's something life threatening or that I'll have to live with this pain forever. Initially when I went in they thought from what I described it could be RA but I don't have any swelling and my test showed negative for it. (Although from what I've read online, it says early symptoms might not show in a blood test.)

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I did find an interesting article about bone pain and vitamin D deficiency:

After reading this it put my mind at ease because they didn't really find anything wrong with me other than a vitamin D deficiency and even though the doctor said they'll check me again in a few months (after taking a supplement)...I thought there was no way I could be in this much pain just from lack of Vitamin D. I thought this had to be something way more serious.

I thought I'd share this with you though since what you listed is exactly what my issues are and we both have vitamin D deficiency.

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