Blood Pressure Meds & Shortness of Breath

I would like to ask anyone for their opinions and suggestions to a current problem I have been experiencing. I have a few "symptoms" that I don't know if they are considered a "diagnosis" or not: atherosclerosis, HTN, Hypercholesterol, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and GERD. I have been on 4 different blood pressure medications (one from each of the different categories), Lipitor 80 mg and Prilosec. For the past 2 months I have experienced shortness of breath going up and down stairs and after walking for a while as well as being "tired" all the time. When I mentioned this to my doctor, she ordered pulmonary function testing and lab work. Here's my frustration: the pulmonary function tests were while I was just sitting.....the technician told me they were within normal limits. I don't have shortness of breath while sitting and doing nothing.....only while moving. Why didn't they order pulmonary tests while I was walking? Should I continue to insist on further tests? I am becoming extremely frustrated at the lack of answers when I have a new symptom. I have read that some blood pressure meds can cause fatigue and cough but what about the shortness of breath. Is my only option now that of NOT exercising and walking and stopping my medications? I don't like being out of breath when I do anything! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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