neurogenic bladder

this is my newiest health issue. I amnd I not sure you would called a neurogenic bladder a disease or not.

how I found out I had neurogenic bladder was when I went to the DR and wentn to the bath room and went over 500cc before I went in his office. they did a altra sound when i went into his office there was just a very few minits (not spelt right} maybe 5 minits inbetween going to the bathroom. when they catherized and drain the last out of my bladder they said i had 569cc more. that was still there after the 1st time i went. can this be fixed? at that time I did not feel like I had to go before they did the altra sound. they said I should never hold any more then 500cc at a time,I hope this can be fixed,

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I hope to have some reply's in the morning. I should be back between 8 and 10 am CA. time.

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you need to see a urologist who does urodynamic studies and specilazes in continence. that way when you have the study done it will let them know what is happening. try and find a urologist who has video urodynamic studies it is done under flouroscope to see what is happening. that is how I found out I had DESD/ neuropathic bladder in other words i have neurogenic bladder but there are different types. mine is DESD that means my bladder muscle and sphincter muscles contract at the same time. when the bladder muscles contract the sphincter muscles relax to allow you to urinate, but mine contract at the same time so I can't urinate. and then my bladder fill up and I don't feel the urge to void until my bladder is full. I should feel the urge sooner. Doing the study will help determine what is happening with you. I had an interstim implanted which really helps me.

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thanks very much sorry it has been awhile sense I had a chance to get on. I see the urologist again in a few days your post will help me ask the prober questions
thanks Sharon sham1313

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Hi. I also have a neuro. bladder. Mine is caused by a "problem" with my autonomic nervous system, that stops my bladder from opening up and emptying. I went to a Urogynacologist, here in southern CA. He installed an Interstim, (now this is MY INTERPRETATION), which is a mini computer attached to a lead that is attached to the vegal nerve. (That's the nerve that controls/urges the bladder to open up).
There is also a hand-held controler that changes the settings of the computer...( it get's MORE complicated, because the hand held is coordinated with the hand held of the Interstim company...

Anyway, it works for me. If there's anything else I can help you with, please email me.
Good luck,

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I hope it is not to hard for me to be able to work if it is some thing that can help me. I am surprized I have not wet my self in puplic yet. that my worse fear. not sure how soon but well being going to a dr that should tell me of any option I may have.

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