what would cause a thickening of the bladder wall

Just had a CT Abd/Pelvis w Contrast done. It showed that I had a thickening of the bladder wall near the dome.
My urologist wants to do a cysto before she starts the mitomycin. (12 BCG treatments have failed)
Thanks for your input...

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Hi Sandy,

I had that as well and was told that it is a non specific finding and may be many different things. Hope your cysto goes well.


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thank you, I hope so too.

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Hi Sandy
My husband had a CT yesterday and the report also states mild asymmetric thickening at the right superior wall of the bladder which may represent the known tumour. I am hoping that it is also something non specific and keenly awaiting cystoscopy scheduled for April.

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Yes we would just be speculuating and you probably have already done a lot of that. Best to get the cysto results, then decide a direction in care. Try not to worry to far ahead. If you can tell yourself, you are alright at the moment, then you can put off worry until you know what you are dealing with.


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Thanks for your note. Did you have a reaction to the mitomycin? Sure hope that this treatment works because I feel that I am running out of solutions.
Wondering if this will eventually lead to a RC??

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I had Mitomycin after a 3rd Turbt, but later teh pathology was negative for bladder cancer. The reason for Rc is when the cancer invades the bladder muscle. So depending on pathology reports and results from chemo rx, then the decision is made.

Good luck to yu


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My M.D. told me that thickening of the bladder wall is indicative to bladder ca. which I had no idea at that time. I was referred to a urologist & diagnosed with ca in situ (CIS) from a biopsy, then I completed a course of the BCG tx. When it was completed,I had follow-up cysto's & FSH lab report. The first one done 6 mos. ago showed atypical cells which can mean a variety of things from inflammation to suspicious cells for cancer. I have just had another cysto after another 6 mos. and I am awaiting the FSH analysis to see if there are still atypical cells. I had no symptoms at the beginning of my CIS dx. and it was caught at a very early stage.

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I am in the same spot. The wall is thickening and I am having a biopsy next week the see if it suggests a tumor invading the wall of the bladder. The last biopsy 2 months ago was CIS.
The preliminary idea is to do BCG-Interferon.
Previously I already had 2 full courses of BCG, that did not work. Remembering that BCG is cumulative, my uro proposes to use a small dose of it. Has anyone had a bad reaction to Interferon?

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Thanks for your response. May I ask what did you mean by... "BCG is cumulative". My urologist suggested that we try Mitomycin.... said not to continue with BCG but try Mitomycin.
She is going to do a cysto this coming Thursday before the installation... hope that the the thickening of the bladder wall is nothing...

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People may tolerate BCG initially, but as additional doses are applied they may have a bad reaction because tolerance is limited to a certain amount. Once you exceed that amount a bad reaction may occur.
If you are willing to try intravesical Mitomycin you should ask about the new method of combining it with hyperthermia treatment. Details can be found J Urol.2009 Aug 13 issue, or in PubMed PMID:19683278
It is only effective for papillary nonmuscle invasive uruthelial cell carcinoma.

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