urine going in colon from bladder fistula or ureter fistula

I have muscle invasive bladder cancer. My surgeon putting in a kidney/ureter stent said that the dye that they used to flush the ureter collected in the sigmoid colon either from a fistula in the bladder or the ureter.

Has anyone had this? Does anyone know how to fix it?
Does anyone know what this would mean for chemo if it wasn't fixed prior? I have suspected cancer around the ureter on the left side where he was working. Thanks for any suggestions. Best, Marilyn

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I know of a man who had something similar. His urine was leaking into his colon. They repaired the leak, repaired the colon but he did have a colonoscopy bag for a few months while his colon healed, also he had a catheter for awhile as his bladder healed. They reversed the colonoscopy and all is fine now. Hope this helps a bit.

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Do you happen to know...doesn't sound like he had bladder cancer. I guess if I was having my bladder out with bc it would be the same deal that healing and then the colon healing bag....In the old days before urinary diversion one style was to divert to the colon which I happened to read about before my diagnosis....but they didn't leave a hole. Maybe better take a second look. Thanks for the info. Not what I would like but hey if it's the truth I better get my arms and head around it. Best, Marilyn

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Where are you being seen? I would try to find an expert who repairs a lot of fistula's. They're tricky to find and you want a really really great surgeon. Can you get down to UCSF?

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Hi, THanks for responding. Do you have a surgeon at UCSF or someone that would have a recommendation for surgery on fistulas in the colon? I don't know how it works at USCF. I know I'd have to be referred. Since I have bladder cancer then I would have to have a urology surgeon consultation and it sounds like a specialist for the fistulas--what department would that be? The only "trick" I kow to getting in is to contact the support group like for bladder cancer and see what and who they know and how to do it.

Do you know anything about the oncology there...do they respond to patient requests for chemo sensitivity testing and do any integrative modes such as botanicals etc. with standard chemo? Ronald Abrams head of oncology has written a book with Andrew Weil on integrative oncology but I don't know how much California law allows them to integrate substances in the actual therapy of the chemo versus say something that lessens the side effects of chemo like yoga. Thanks for your ideas on UCSF. Best, Marilyn

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I guess you really need to know what kind of fistula you have..there are different kinds and a large university hospital will have the newer toys and pathologists to find it. You would be seen by a uro/oncologist and i might suggest you contact Dr. Peter Carroll who is head of Urology as he's seen it all.
I have a very good friend who is being treated by him right now who lives in the Bay area.
Its a start...i'm sure he could advise you.

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Hi, Thanks so much for all your info. Best, Marilyn

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Get Browns-crossing in on this conversation. I believe she has someone in her life (brother?) that had a fistula into the colon.

I have developed several fistuals, one from my uretha to an incesion point when they put in my AUS almost two years ago. There no surgery was required as they put in a Foley Cath and by passed the problem and it dried up after several months.

Then I developed four fistulas from my Neo to my outer belly area. This happened they think because the surgeon did not put a buffer area between the Neo and the sutures after my RC. I have had three surgeries to remove them and still do not know if they are gone or I will have to have a major surgery to seperate the Neo from my muscle wall area.

So far, so good. But fistulas are hard to eliminate. The ones between the Neo and the Colon are very hard to remove I have read in the past.


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this is one heck of an article on CT findings after cystectomy...very long but very informative...you will find fistulas about 3/4 of the way down. I was actually looking up info on lymphoceles and found this amazing article...they're covered also.
my friend in Washington had an entero-pouch fistula with her Indiana Pouch...she also was getting waste material every time she ate going into the pouch. She developed several bladder stones. First ones they were able to get out through her stoma as they were small. They had a heck of a time finding the fistula and did not at first try. She produced more stones and let them get too big so she had to have another open surgery at which time they did find the fistula. She said it actually was a piece of cake compared to cystectomy. She has remained stone free since. Crazy stuff happens sometimes.

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