Urinary port leakage

I had my bladder and prostate removed in 2005. Have an internal pouch with a port at my waistline and use catheter to urinate. It has worked fine most of the time and have to empty about every 3.5 to 4 hours. I have had times when it all of a sudden it would flood out the port after 2 to 3 hours with no warning. Urologist doesn't seem to have an answer.

I am going through one of those periods now, which is embarrassing and a mess. Wonder if anyone has experienced this kind of problem and has any thoughts or answers.

Appreciate any help or comments.

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Although I have a neobladder, I do know in my case there are times when it fills much more rapidly than others. Often after increased fluid intake with things that may cause more rapid urine formation, such as tea, alcohol, or lemons. Under those conditions I just increase my frequency of voiding (more like every 2 hours than 4). Don't know if that is the case with you, but something to consider.


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Thanks for your reply. I had my surgery in 2005, so do understand about if I have a lot of liquid to drink. That does not seem to be the issue. My bladder can sometimes only have a small amount in it and still flood.

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BigDFL, I have an Indiana Pouch. I do understand the problem you are experiencing. The stoma is fabricated from your intestine also. The natural progression of material through the intestine is peristalsis or a wave motion of the intestine.
Mucus also develops in the stoma just as it does in the pouch. A way to move that mucus as it accumulates is to naturally produce the wave motion which expells it out the opening of the stoma. Sometimes it also opens the valve into the pouch and then expells urine too.
I always wear a small sanitary pad attached to my underwear and over the stoma to catch any unexpected spills.
I do find that my diet and the amount of fluids I've had will account for times of increased motion of the stoma.
Hope this helps.

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Thanks you for your reply.

I have always worn a pad in my underwear, but I am talking about more liquid than a pad will stop. I do have mucus in my urine, but have never thought that presented a problem. I know that some people flush with saline, but i never have. Catheter has never been clogged. Not sure if this would help.

Did not know that the intestine used to make the stoma and the bag might still produce a wave motion. That is news. Have never restricted my diet because of this condition. I watch my diet because of heart problems and to maintain weight. Are there certain foods that might affect this?

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Most IP diversion people do flush daily with .09% saline to insure removal of mucus since the pouch must siphon to drain. Pockets of mucus could remain in the pouch. Not sure why you weren't instructed to do this.
As for diet. Each of us is different. Some foods are easily digested by us that others can't do. We're all different that way.
You might want to make note of the food you ate in the 24 hours before each episode for possible clues to what might make mucus production more pronounced.
You might also ask your surgeon for his explanation too.

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Do not have a Urologist here. My surgery was done at Univ. of Chicago Medical Center. My Urologist is in Florida.

Am trying to find one up here in Western North Carolina that has experience with Indiana Pouch and its associated problems.

Thanks again for your reply

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