Tripe palms

I have suffered for the last six or seven years from a skin condition on my hands which causes them too crack, split and bleed while forming irregular callous-like patches that flake and itch and drive me nuts. Ive consulted many doctors, including several dermatologists, at respected medical centers, spending thousands of dollars trying to find out what was going on. No one could tell me what was causing it. I asked many times if there could be an underlying cause such as cancer i was assured there was not, that i had classic psoriasis The only treaent that improved it was prednisone, which I took a month prior to the TCC presenting in my left kidney /ureter. I found an article about symptoms of lung cancer. Tripe palms was a big warning sign it said. So I looked up trip palms. 95% of the time my research found there was an underlying tumor. The article recommended anyone with this condition be given a full work up to find the cause.
My condition was not exactly the same as tripe palms, which causes a velvety texture on the skin. My problem sure isn't velvety. But I firmly believe now that this skin condition no one could cure was related to my cancer. If it had been properly diagnosed when the doctors assured me it wasn't a concern is have known about the cancer years sooner and had hugely better odds. Patients and doctors both should be aware of the relation of skin conditions to cancer. Maybe I've been living only hole so long I just haven't paid attention and my doctors have been behind the times, but this was pretty profound and I wish I'd known it sooner.

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It makes some sense that skin conditions (especially psoriasis, which is considered an auto-immune condition) would indicate something "off" in the immunological status -- perhaps an indication that the body is mustering to fight an underlying condition like cancer.


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Since I was referred to a rheumatologist and even sent for a "nerve" test where they hooked up little electrodes to my hands to check for nerve damage, it seems like a complete work up should have been suggested. Even my general practitioner failed to connect the dots. I feel stupid I didn't insist they look further, but decided as many doctors as I'd seen that I must be whining and over analyzing. Stupid me.

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I doubt whether very many doctors are 'holistic' enough to connect those particular dots. And the connection isn't specific -- just 'something wrong.' (Maybe naturopaths, who are trained in a different tradition, would raise different questions.) Each specialist usually only looks at their 'piece of the elephant' -- a dermatologist would usually only suggest specific psoriasis treatments, etc. The only cancers doctors would associate with skin would be the usual skin cancers. We patients get pretty smart with time and experience and probably connect many dots specialists don't have time to think about - on the other hand, they know a LOT of specifics we don't -- it's all a learning process. So I think you were smart to go as far as you did.

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Tell anyone you know with skin issues, especially on the hands, to pursue it past the dermatologist. I should have listened to my body. One site said some cancers can be diagnosed by similar hand issues. Urogeituary (sic) included. I guess that's us. I even researched it on the net when I was seeing all the drs. Didn't find a lot. Until I came across the term tripe palms the other day. (and of course you can believe everything you read on the internet). But some respectable medical sites had this info on tripe palms, which linked me to others.
Of course my hands are the least of my worries now. I just use looted of vitamin e oil and wear gloves in water or other tasks.

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That is strange as I have trouble with the 1st joint of my fingers getting a hard skin on them and as I get them in water they start to pill right down to the quick if I am not careful. I have wondered if I will have any finger prints left if it quites. I have used many creams ands ect from doctors, but to no avail. I intend to look up tripe palms, even if it is only on the fingers. I have only had it since the cancer. But I have no idea of the cause. Maybe someone here will have an answer, or if we put our heads togather we may find some kind of an answer.

Take care and good luck to you.


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I'm reading articles related to the tripe palms about something called keratosis, which can be related to arsenic exposure. That brings to mind could there be exposure from an environmental contaminant. Research further than just the tripe palms at other conditions a search will link your to, such as the keratosis. There are lots of pictures to compare. My hand issues started with an itchy calloused area on the side of my index finger, and has spread to thumbs, palms, knuckles and joints on the back of my fingers as well as my elbows.

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