Stomach, liver and lung cancer

I have a very close friend that was just diagnosed with stomach liver and lung cancer they just did a biopsy yesterday so we dont know what stage he is in. Here is my problem He is what is on my mind and I just want to cry I cant even quit thinking about him when I listen to music go to work or anything else I just want to cry Please help me Thank You Lori

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Sorry to hear of your friends diagnosis Lori. You may want to join some Inspire groups that are for liver cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer. We are a bladder cancer forum so I don't know much about his types of cancer. Sorry.

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Lori, look for some support for your feelings. He will need your support and will not likely be able to ease your concerns. Hospitals often sponsor support groups, or private counseling. Since you don't fully know what he is facing yet, you may need more information.

Once you have that, then the treatment path becomes clear. finding others to discuss your feelings with will be very helpful.


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Lori, if this friend is very close to you as you said you won't be of any help if you are all upset, like Nancy said many hospitals offer free counseling and it really helps to talk to another person. I was treated at the Univ of Penn and they offer free counseling. I'm a stubborn guy thinking I can always handle things by myself. Well after my RC and recovery and when the dust settled everything hit me, and I went to see this guy who was a trained phycologist and what a huge help he was to me after just a few sessions. Talking to the right person when you are down really does help. Joe

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I was diagnosed with a Stage 2, grade 7/8 Prostate cancer, Stage 2 Grade 4/4 Invasive Bladder Cancer, and Stage 1b, Moderately Aggressive (that turned out to be extremely aggresive) Lung Cancer in June 2000.
All of mine were Primary (entirely different(cancers!

In your friends case, one or more of the cancers may be malignant or benign, or it could be one or two cancers that simply have spread to other organs (matastasized). For example the lung cancer could have spread to the stinach and liver!

In my case I had a massive surgery removing my bladder, prostate and nearby organs replacing the bladder with three feet of my colon, then less than 3 months after that nine hour operation I had a three hour operation removing my Upper Right Lung Lobe. I have been cancer free for nearly ten years now. I have had spots on my adrenals and liver, and since novemeber several spots in both lungs that we are watching carefully.

Three simultaneous Primary Cancers simultaneaously is extremely rare. I have only heard of one other case. Please let me know what staging your friends cancer reveals, namely the stage, grade of each cancer.


PS there is also a Lung Cancer Team Inspire website that he or she may wish to join to be able to talk with lung cancer survivors as well as other cancers.

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So sorry to hear about your friend. Dealing with this is difficult but you have to be strong and at times like this God gives you an inner strength that you thought you never had. Hope you will be able to access some support groups and get the necessary help. Main thing is not to fall apart.

God Bless


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Thank you everyone for posting this helps some we just found out that he has a fast moving cancer i think they called it single fail cancer we will no more tommorrow

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We always think the worse, but until the facts are in, try not to see the worse, look on this site , so many people have had to face terrible things and are still here fighting and living.
This news is always very depressing, but after the initial shock most people say "Wait a minute Tomorrow I will wake up and next week and next month and most likely next year and for years to come. so let's not be depressed for years....... it is just a shock not a death sentence.

Plus you never lose love that is impossible. If love is at the center of all creation how can we lose our essence?
Be well

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