stents keep leaking

My brother just had the RC and neobladder surgery 1o days ago. Is it normal for the stents to leak from the opening on the skin? Also, the stents keep coming apart and we re-connect them. We can't seem to keep the gauze next to his skin dry because it keeps leaking where the stents come out. Thoughts?

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I had stents with my neobladder surgery in January and did not experience anything like that. I would probably contact the doc and see what he/she wants you to do. Keep us updated on how things go.


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I had the same problem. In hospital, they were forever changing the dressings & I was getting soaked with urine, either from the stent wound or where they had become disconnected. I find it hard to believe thay haven't found more effective dressings/connectors.
Because of a small leak showing on the stentogram (day 5) they said the stents must stay another 6 weeks. When I came home on day 7, they put a stoma bag on which at least kept it contained & I could empty it frequently, although I had to change it fairly often too because of sore skin even with the smallest plate hole. Nurses & consultant agreed this is a common problem.

Now the catheters are out & the stents capped off - seems that the wound is no longer leaking urine. The caps didn't stay on properly (so stents leaked) & the skin became very sore & oozy in the bag. So I took the bag off, used elastoplast to keep the caps in place (no more leaks) & simple dressing on skin wound which is drying up nicely.

Has your brother still got catheters in place, or is the neo in operation?

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My husband's stents and supra catheter were covered by a stoma bag in hospital and for the 1st 5 weeks or so, and the bag was changed weekly by the homecare nurse. The stents were uncapped at this time. One week prior to the stents being removed and supra catheter were removed, the foley catheter was removed.

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The doctor said it was okay if the stents were leaking at the wound as long as there was still output in the collection bag. Doctor also said something about his nutrition and his body not absorbing the liquid as it usually would but I didn't really understand that part. I was just relieved to find out it was okay.

The catheter and stents are scheduled to be removed on the 12th so the end is in sight! (assuming no leaks). I am just trying to keep him dry and change the dressing before it gets messy now that we know it is more prone to leak. Got nausea and acid reflux under control so hopefully he can start eating better and getting more energy to move around.

This web forum has been so helpful. Thank you all for taking time out of your day to answer questions. We are here all alone and I have appreciated this resource so much.

Sincerly~ Little Sister

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Yep I was leaking like crazy. From my stents, from my super pubic area, etc. I was good until i had to stand up. Then woosh... Of course its a bit painful too with the urine irritating the skin. Fortunately the stints are usually the first items to be pulled. So hang in there. The first couple weeks post surgery at home are the worst, but it gets better. Make sure he irrigates his bladder on time an often. Right now things maybe overwhelming for him, they were for me, but believe it or not all the holes will stop leaking and things will all start working. Just takes patience and a bit of work. Its an all of a sudden type thing. One day your wearing diapers, the next day you are back in your adult undies. !! ROFL. Let me know if I can help.

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