Persistent UTI!

Something tells me I’ve wasted my time by going to see my family MD. Somehow I’ve developed a fairly persistent UTI that I can’t seem to shake. My first mistake was not demanding a urine specimen\culture to identify bacteria. After taking a broad spectrum antibiotic (Amoxicillin) for one week, the UTI is back with a vengeance. I guess I need to jump in my car and make the slump up to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins..? I’m thinking Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) should have been my first line of defense? What was your treatment\experience with UTI’s after RC? What medication did the trick..? I hope I haven’t developed an antibiotic resistant form of E-coli?
God Bless!!

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Both my GP and my Surgeon don't mess around - Cipro is the 'drug of choice' when I have an infection...

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We often learn by trial and error. Unless your GP is very knowledgeable of your particular case and can discuss your case with your surgeons at JH, you should always contact the experts who worked on you. UTI's are nothing to mess. And, some GP's think we have a UTI when it is our own 'normal' (for us) bacteria we now have with our diversions. We don't want to take antibiotics when we don't need them.
Is there an Urologist in your town who will act as gatekeeper for you with your doctors at JH's? (I always call my Urologist's office when I think I may be coming down with a UTI. They take a urine sample and go from there.

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On a "holiday" weekend, I'm better off going to a walk-in clinic and asking them to write me a prescription for Cipro. I am concerned about the type of bacteria that's causing my infection. From what I've read, Amoxicillin is usually effective for both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, (which is why it's considered a broad spectrum antibiotic). I guess a urine culture is in order to determine the bacterium type. Good luck with a walk-in clinic, huh? :)

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Cipro works. I have had a few UTI's and Cipro is the answer. If the UTI continues to come back, talk about a low dose of
"bactrine" after the Cipro. This is an antibotic that you can take long term with low side effects. Worked for me.

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Hey Eric,

I have not had an RC so I don't know if it's different, but after cipro did not work my urologist tried me on Macrobid to finally get rid of my chronic UTI.

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Hey I used to have UTI's so bad they put me i the hospital for a week or more. My Ostomy nurse finally told me that if she saw me in the hospital again she was gonna whipp me. She told me to take 500 mlgs of vitamin C a day and also plenty of cranberry juice. Sice doing this I have (knock on wood) had no more UTI's. Cipro and other harsh antibiotics have been used on me and I like just taking the C and Cranberry juice better.

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Ted had a persistant UTI that kept coming back. It was ecoli. He was prescribed nitofuratoin each time. His uro finally added Amoxcillin in addition to that. That wiped out the infection. He has not had a UTI since January!

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Hi! its been about 5weeks now since talking to alot of good people on the web site, a little up date I have a neo-bladder for about 6 years and always get infections,but not as bad as this last year,I've been in and out of the hospital and also seen 3 urologist in the past year and 1 infectious disease doc and working close woth my interist,tried all the antibiotic regimens and only work for a short time until the next strain of bacteria comes along.i joined this web site looking for any help and started taking D_Mannaus2aday,cranactine axtract2aday,probiotic1aday,i cup of frozen blueberries aday,ad macrobid 2aday,I don't know if thats what made me go the longest without infection or what,but i'm going to keep it up until i can't take these infections anymore,the docs don't want to change the neo to a conduit but i might have to try it anyway,This is not living,any response,

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