Perforated Bladder

My problem has turned out to be a perforated bladder from the TURBT. This has taken two weeks for my physician to finally listen to me about something being wrong. He did not see it on the CT Scan yesterday either. This was seen today when he was showing the scan to me and my husband. I have come home with a Foley catheter and go back in 5 days. I will have to reconsider who is going to handle my care going forward. I have lost all confidence in my physcian.

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Although mishaps can happen to any physician, if you have lost confidence that is less than optimal. I truly believe that confidence in the treatment and the person doing it is very important. Sorry you have suffered with this complication. Best wishes,


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I agree with JJ, you must have confidence in your caregivers, but as much as that, they need to listen to you.


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So sorry about what has happened to you. I would get a new physician, if you do not have confidence in the one you have there is no point. Take care Carol

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Darn! So sorry you experienced a perforated bladder during your procedure. As you know there is always a risk....we just all always hope we are not one of the statistics of such a risk.

As everyone above has said, if you do not have faith in your doc, it is best to seek a new one. The procedures are so involved with BC, it is wise to pick the surgeons who do HUNDREDS and I truly mean HUNDREDS..of these each year. We had to fly out of our state to find one of the best. We have no regrets.

Best Wishes,

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Glad they found your problem. Hope you can find a uro you can have complete faith in,


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