Pain in ureter?

Has anyone had pain in their ureters? Or tumours in the ureter?
I had been having ( its slowly decreasing) pain in my right side for about 15 days now. The doc in emerg couldn't find anything wrong ( I was thinking hernia) but my uro had suggested to him to take CT scan ( which I have not had yet) to see if anything is wrong with ureter ( possible tumour?)
Initially the pain would stop me in my tracks, then it slowly subsided to a dull ache, then tender to the touch and now low pain, low dull ache.
I was checked for appendicitis ( can't spell that?) and he said if it was hernia I would be vomiting.

Any experiences with ureters anyone?

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i have pain there...well dull ache too.
doctors said my tumor is right where the ureter enters the bladder...
during RC he said they will cut part of the ureter off too...and use longer section of intestine to repair it.


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Thanks Dave.
I guess the CT scan will show if it is a tumour in there.
I feel its muscular as it was really hurting when I engaged my abs, then sometimes when I coughed or sneezed and now , just a dull ache.

Hope you are feeling good Dave. I like that b'day picture. :-)

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Has anyone looked for kidney stones?

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Not yet Candy, but he ( emerg doc) didn't feel it was stones. Wonder if CT scan would show kidney stone?

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How can you tell it's pain in the ureter? I thought that was right up the middle to the bladder. My problem is mild hyrochondria... I tend to come down with lots of symptoms I read about, now I think I have pain in my ureter but I don't really even know what that would feel like. does the pain come and go and more pronounced during the evacuation process?

If you had appendicitis chances are you would be doubled over in the fetal position on an ER stretcher vomiting.

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I had pain in right kidney and ureter after TURB and it was from scar tissue starting to close off the ureter. Apparently the tumor they removed was close to the ureter and after it was removed the tissue was creeping over and started to close it off,,this was near the end of a 6wk session of MytomycinC so that may have caused irritation and scar tissue also..They had to put a stent in and leave it for 4 months. Do you feel pressure in kidney??. If so please check as soon as you can; as you don't want kidney damage from a back up.. Take care..and keep checking it out until you find what is going on...


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ct should show where it is,,,and as arlene said,,,they might want to put in a stent if there is blockage.

i would stay vigilant, but not stress a over it...


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Thanks everyone. Gret advice. I'll be vigilant but not obsessive. LOL

Arlene, 2 of my TURBS I had tumours removed near the left opening on the ureter. This is my right side. Don't know if that makes any difference.

When I poke and prod the spot, I can feel a small lump and then I am sore from pushing in the area.
It could be my ovary with a cyst? Anyway, I can't obsess and won't. Hopefully I'll get a CT scan this week and I'll have it sent to all my docs. Gyno, uro and GP.

Thank you all for your help.

Shiz, when I was first diagnosed I felt every pain was going to be associated with cancer. LOL. I am over that now,
sort of.
This pain literally stopped me in my tracks, so I know its something but will just have to wait to find out. Even though the pain is less, I will still try to find out what it was/is.

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Hi LJ,

The pain you describe would not be typical for a stone, usually described as severe, colicky pain (likened to childbirth, for those lucky enough to have had that experience). The CT, particularly if with contrast will show most stones, although they can be small enough to be between the levels of the pictures (usually at 1 mm, I think, intervals). I hope this resolves and we never know for sure what it was.


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Lady Jane:
Just find out what it is and to set your mind at ease.. I didn't want to scare you but we all kniw we must find the cause as soon as we can..It could be just a swollen lymph node also. Didn't you have recent BCG; if within last 6-8 weeks you could have the immune system factor working..take care and just be persistant but don't worry yet...

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hiya lady jane i had 3 tumors in my ureter but no pain at all
hope you get sorted soon
take care xx

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My prayers are with you that this is something
NORMAL for us and not to worry!

Keep us posted.


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Is the pain about in the middle of your side just up under the very bottom rib ?
Do you remember pulling a muscle at any time ?
My tumor was up by my left ureter, and had to have a stent for a while. Removed it on my first Cysto after my first TURB, and wondered if I would ever have any problems out of it later.
Keep us informed on the outcome.
Take care,

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Hi Lady Jane,

The only times in my life when I have had pain where I think you are talking about is when I have WAY overdone it exercising and it went away after a day or so. I do think a CT urogram lets the docs take a good look at your urinary tract system. Sorry this does not help more.


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LadyJane I have no experience with this, but just wanted to send a positive thought..... :)

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I had a ureter become blocked and felt no pain from it. The first indication was at my 6 month post R/C scan when it was noted that one of my kidneys was not draining properly. I went through a Nephroscopy where they went in and examined the ureter and a couple of procedures where they attempted (and finally succeeded) in getting a stent through the blockage. When they pushed back the scar tissue with the balloon (like an angioplasty) I certainly felt some pain but it was not too bad. About a month or so later, I began to feel a lot of pain though and it was very hard to localize it as it seemed to move around. I had that for abut a month and a half and a CAT scan failed to identify where it was coming from. At the same time, the kidney tests showed that the damagted kidney was effectively dead and had to come out. During a pre-op biopsy procedure in that ureter, my uro noted that the stent seemed to be all the way down against the neo and perhaps causing pain. Well, once that was removed, the pain was gone. So, believe that the ureter can give you significant pain.

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since my turbt (Nov 08) of my tumor on upper right side of the bladder, I have that dull constant discomfort some times increasing in pain to a perkacet(sp) moment. In the past month, I have had kidney scan, cat scan, mri, colonscopy. The good news, everything is clear. The bad news is I still have the pain. I have resorted to a chiropractor to see if it is muscular or nerve.

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Thanks all for the additional info. I just heard the CT scan machine is broken at the hospital so I don't know when I'll be getting in. The sooner the better.

I really feel mine is something sticking out through the muscle wall. I can feel the lump and when I prod it I become sore. Also feel its muscular since it happens to be a searing hot poker pain when I move a certain way. Anyway, hope to get it figured out soon.

I so appreciate all of your responses. Keeps me sane. LOL

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Hi LadyJane. Ya know, if the dang CT scan machine is "down", how about their sonogram? (Cheaper, too.) It could be something totally unrelated to your bc, or not. Bottom line, self-diagnosis in itself is dangerous. I for one think my ureters are where my bladder USED to be, and my gall bladder is dangling in space. There are simply too many possibilities to make an even educated guess.

My gall stone....which OMG was so painful....glowed like a candle on a sonogram, and I'm thinking a kidney stone would too. A hernia fits your symptoms. (Read up on hernia repair, if you have an ostomy: there is a 50/50 chance there will be a recurrence of hernia(s), often just from the surgical REPAIR of one. Sigh. Each surgery adds to the likelihood of hernias. I have TWO ostomies, and I use hernias as an excuse to not lift anything heavier than my purse.....a Samsonite....)

Gall stones hurt. My doc gave me.....bear bile!! It dissolved the outer surface (calcium stone, essentially) enough for it to pass. I ate some Black Forest Cherry cheesecake, and my gall bladder went into overdrive due to the fat intake....and after a few moments of EXCRUCIATING passed....literally.

I had no pain with kidney stones .... unfortunately. Supposedly there usually IS, which would've made my butt get to the ER quicker. Shivers (in particular) and up/down temps are indicative of kidney stones blocking the ureters.

Hernias would be tender to the touch.

See? You need some scans to get a clear diagnosis. Otherwise, the list just gets longer and longer. Possibilities are SCARY, especially if you have a vivid imagination and/or an extensive medical history.

PLEASE let us know what is determined, and since you're in pain, I dam* sure would raise my voice to get some diagnostic tests ASAP.

All the best, and I truly hope it is something minor and easily treated.


p.s. Ya know....shortly after my first go-round of cancer, in '83, I'd gone thru radiation and was still healing. I was shocked one day to see MAJOR blood in my stool. Testing showed NO blood, and it was determined that, was the chili I'd eaten for 2 days in a row. Embarassing? Oh yeah!! A huge relief? Oh yeah squared!!

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I had tumors in my ureter and found out during my yearly CT scan, had been feeling great never even knew they were there. Keep up with all the tests sometimes we develop scar tissue too which bothers us.

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