One kidney chemo question

Hi All,
I had my left kidney removed 2 weeks ago. Boy that's as bad as the Cystectomy. MY question has anyone received chemo post surgery with one kidney and what type for how long?
I know cisplatin is out since you need 2 kidney.
I am going to see mu urologist next week and wants to be prepared.
Be well strong and loving
I hope everybody is well this week with no complication or anything bad with a superb mental attitude .


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Good luck Eric, wish i could help.... Hang in there!

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Yes, I have only one kidney and just finished 6 rounds of Cisplatin/Gemzar. You Have to have good kidney functions to start with and be hydrated very well. I am sure the doctors decide on it on a case by case basis but they monitored my kidney functions very close.

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Hi Eric,

Can't help much with this one as Bert didn't have chemo after removal of his right kidney but can relate to how difficult the surgery is. Be kind to yourself; take it easy; don't expect too much and most of all, allow yourself ot heal. I've noticed that most cancer patients, heck all patients, expect to bounce back to pick up normal routines within a few days. While that may hold true for some surgeries, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. It took Bert and good three to four weeks until he felt like himself again and then there were days when it was two steps back, baby step forward.

Best to you, Monika

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Thanks guts for your advice, Indeed kidney operation is a lot harder that I anticipated but I keep the spirit up.
But the pain take your attention. I take a strict minimum of morphine pills (One a week) just because I hate it.
I have (HAD) ureter cancer but at least all is removed. I don't know what kind of chemo they plan to give me. That's why I asked.
SandT I am amazed that you had 6 rounds of cisplatin with one Kidney as my doc told me it was not possible?
Anyway first things first I have to go thru recovery of this kidney operation makes me almost nostalgic of the old neo bladder which was more of a trenches pain here and now this one is different the cut is longer (10 inches) and the side pain hard to negociate with. But like everything else this too shall pass.
Sometime I think "what wrong with me am I becoming a wimp.... OH no I am a wimp I just forgot it....
Be healthy and happy

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Don't know the answer to your question, but want to wish you the very very best with chemotherapy.

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Hi Eric, I too had my kidney,tube and lymph nodes taken out Feb 2010 Then in June they did a cysto and found I now have bladder cancer. I just finished 6 weeks of BCG treatments. The side effects were not too bad. There are no wimps here, just fighters that forget once in a while. That happens to all of us I am sure.
Make the most of one day at a time.

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Eric, one of the worst things you can do is not take pain medication. If you don't, you will not breath deeply, nor walk well, and you actually put you self at risk for not getting better faster. Best thing you can do is medicate yourself before getting up.
Have my fingers crossed and sending my best wishes that everything goes well. Please let us know.
Browns Crossing

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My dad had the same situation. 1 kidney and uretur had been removed and then chemo. His cancer was non-invasive the bladder, but invasive to his uretur muscle wall, and has spread to local lymph nodes, no organs or distant lymphs. His local oncologist thought Cisplatin/Gemzar was too risky with his kidney function (his creatin level as borderline okay) so she put him on 4 cycles of Carboplatin/Gemzar. He went to MD Anderson to see a bladder cancer specialist last week and had his follow up scans, and the the chemo the local doctor had put him on was NOT working. The tumors had not spread to any other areas but had gotten larger since his pre-chemo scan. Furthermore, is doctor said Carboplatin only has mild effects on bladder cancer, and it rarely used at MD Anderson. He put him on a 3 drug combo of Cisplatin, Gemzar, and Ifosfamide which he stated could result in a "durable complete response." My dad is receiving the treatments at MD Anderson because his doctor stated that sometimes "out in the community" in cases where the patient has reduced kidney function, doctors are hesitant to use chemo drugs that potentially can damage the kidney due to the liability and ever so careful monitoring of kidney function that must take place. Following his chemo treatments, they are doing 20 hours of kidney "hydration" to help his remaining kidney function well. His creatin level was 1.6 before the 1st round of chemo, and was 1.44 following the treatments, so his kidney did just fine. Furthermore, his doctor stated that even if the kidney didn't take the chemo well, they would almost surely be able to reverse any damage because they would catch the kidney failing in plenty of time due to how closely everything is monitored.

Things we have learned through our ordeal so far: Tumor markers can be very key to keeping up on the effects of chemo between scans (we were told by our local doctor that they didn't really work all that well for bladder cancer). My dad was given 2 tests (BTA125 and HCG) and both were elevated enough to where the MD Anderson doctor said they will be very useful for tracking his progress through his chemotherapy. ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion if at all possible, and try to get it from a specialist at a major cancer hospital like Sloan Kettering or MD Anderson or the equivalent. ASK YOUR DOCTOR TONS OF QUESTIONS, and if they don't answer you or if they seem put out that you are asking so many questions, switch doctors. This is a hard road, and you need to feel good about your doctor. And of course, Keep the Faith!!

Hope this helps, thanks!

Something we have learned the har

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You are the strongest "whimp" I have ever met!! Keep up the great work.

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Good to hear from you. I too had TCC in left kidney and ureter... My doctor the only female oncologist on the Cancer Conference Committee, was told NOT to do chemo by the majority of the docs because it would damage the other kidney....She worked closely with my Urologist who advised me of the risk...benefits...and alternatives.. (TCC is a highly reoccuring type of cancer major risk) benefits of chemo not really known because 8 years ago there were no studies, etc. We went for it knowing the risk, I was closely monitored by both docs...and after three months they recommended another 3 months because I was doing so well. Cancer Free 8 years later....but in End Stage Renal...not due to chemo just life, diabetes high blood pressure, etc. Good luck on your decision...

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To All
Thank you for you advices and love. I will discuss this tomorrow with my urologist. Apparently there are ways chemo could be inserted Cisplatin/gemzar provided there are very close monitoring of the remaining kidney. I go to Columbia University I am sure they have all knowledge and skill to help me. But technically when they removed my kidney they also removed all cancer so the chemo would be to kill any floating cells. If they are not kill by my immune system first (Yes white blood cells kills cancer cells all the time. I am also thinking of going to an acupuncture center to stimulate my immune system. More and more I think the Immune system has a major role in fighting cancer at least that is the new direction of research I was told.
You can see on Youtube the while cells killing cancer cells on a video... That's amazing
Thanks all
ANd if you want to add more comments just keep them coming I love them

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When you had your chemo did you have only one kidney at the time?

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Eric...I had my left kidney and ureter removed in August 2003, I went in for my annual physical no specific complaints other than 2 bring me to my knees pain attack in my back about 3 weeks before my physical. Routine urine analysis showed 3 plus micro blood in urine. Two days later had a IVP showed kidney blockage, CT scan after that, OP biopsey showed cancer; surgery a few days later Grade 2 and 3/4. Then I went to a Cancer Research Center for opinion, they agreed with close observation chemo would be a risk but the better decision.. my oncologist pushed chemo, she said I was going to have a rough time with re-occurence in the bladder and at that point I had no cancer in the bladder unless they killed the cancer cells and it wouldn't be easy but it was better to kill the few that was most surely there than millions later. My Urologist said it was my decision, and he would help me save the right kidney... I didn't even see a nephrologist until last year 8 years later. ..and would you believe I had an abdominal hernia repaired with mesh by a General Surgeon, and then they flipped me over and removed the kidney. Believe me I am blessed with good doctors and a great community hospital. Pray and make the best decision for you....

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Dear Eric,

Food for Thought!!
I am new, but want to share my thoughts with you. Having cancer makes you a warrior not a wimp. Taking pain medication spares energy you need to heal. I hate pain meds too, but a Doctor whom I respect, helped me to understand that toughing out pain doesn't prove anything, it drains our energy .

I am still learning to treat my energy like my money.
I have to decide where to spend it. Pain saps my energy and then I have less to spend. Maybe a referral to a Pain Management Specialist, who will work with your M.D., can help you design a pain management program that you are comfortable with.

Possible results: feeling better physically, healing faster and being ok with yourself in the process.

Bella Gemina

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