I recently read this report of new research at Johns Hopkins on nitroxoline. It is an antibiotic that is used for UTIs and it seems to stop or slow the growth of bladder and breast cancer cells. Here is the link: ells

Has anyone heard or read anything about this? I wonder if it supplement BCG as a way to prevent recurrence. Anyway, I thought some of you might be interested.

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Since this is still in animal trials, should it continue to be promising it is probably quite a while before use in patients will be possible. I'm not sure how preventing antioneogenesis (formation of new blood vessels prompted by tumors) will benefit non invasive lesions, but certainly may reduce progression and metastasis. I hope this continues to be a viable treatment.


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It sounds promising! Even if it is not helpful for non-invasive as jj pointed out, it could still be another valuable tool in our doctor's toolbox in the future. Hope it turns out to be useful.

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We tend to forget that there is no money in the CURE. The medical society wants us to keep going in for treatment. they would go broke if a new drug cured cancer. Think of the trillions of dollars that would change hands. I bet the drug does not make it to the human trials and if it does wont last long.

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I posted on this on 12-28-10. It was reported in URO TODAY.

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When I first read your message I thought it was re Low Dose Naltrexone but quickly realized not... has anyone heard of it or are possibly trialing it?


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I had never heard of LDN but your link was really interesting. I'm curious if anyone here has taken it.

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