Neo cancer

Has anyone heard of anyone getting bladder cancer in their neo bladder? Just curious if can happen.

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Debi; I am new to this site and don't want to overstep my newby boudries but, I can't help but respond. You probably touched on the fears and nightmares of everyone who has had cancer and has a neo-bladder. The only way I can get beyond this question is to hope for the future! Peace Debi!

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i wondered the same thing about my indiana pouch.. it is made from intestine, just as the neobladder is.

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Doctors watch for upper renal bladder cancer after cystectomy and diversion placement. The pouches, to my understanding will not develop bladder cancer. Since they are from intestine/colon, they could possibly develop polyps? This is a question for the doctors.

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My husband is IV with mets to lungs so we know its on the move already and just wondered if it could show up in the neo.

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I've never HEARD of it showing up in the actual pouch - and as Karego said, don't think you can develop bladder cancer there. Maybe JJ can give us a more definite answer if he sees this post.


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That is an excellent question. I've often wondered that myself. I wish I had an answer but will research it. Thanks for bringing it up. Will let you know what I come up with. Be well, be strong and stay positive.

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