Kidney Stones

Just been told that not only have they found Gallstones, but now they have found Kidney Stones as well, after my recent scan.

I had my RC with ileal Conduit in December 12, after having pT3 diagnosis.

What I would like to know is, can you pass kidney stones through a stoma if they are small enough, or is there another procedure that is needed. Also, are these things more common after having an RC.


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Hi Popjoc,

Yes, you can pass kidney stones through a stoma. Given that it is a piece of intestine it is quite wide enough and has no nerve endings to feel any pain. The question is whether the stone will go through the ureter without getting stuck and causing mucho pain there. I have passed a number of stones that have formed around tiny staples, at least nine of them, without any issue. Of course, I don't know where in my urinary system they originated and I assume they were probably low but they passed through my ileal conduit and out through my stoma with no issues.


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Wow, Pat - that is really neat to know! Tony had some blood in his urine this week, and although his urologist believed it was due to the fact that he had the hiccups and they were causing the tubes to bounce up and down and irritate the kidney, that he went ahead and did an x-ray to make sure there were no stones anywhere and that his nephrostomy tubes were still placed well. And I was wondering that exact thing - if Tony would be able to pass a stone through his stoma! Ya learn something new every day around here!!!


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I agree with Pat in that you can pass stones through the stoma. At one point, my urologist thought that I may have been passing little particles of sand (broken down stones, I think).

Gayle, you are so correct in that we learn something new every day on this site.


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