Intercourse after BCG

My husband is newly diagnosed (HG-Ta and Tis) had the TURBC and is now having the weekly BCG treatments.

His Dr. said:

1. He doesnt have to lay down and turn after treatments and said to keep it in for 1 - 1 1/2 hours but said 1 hour was OK.

2. He said there is no need to use bleach in the toilet.

3. He said no need to use separate bathroom.

4. He said no precautions were needed for intercourse, no protection (condums) needed.

We went for a second opinion at UCLA and specifically asked about the time the BCG should dwell, if he should lay down and turn, and if we needed protection during intercourse. He said our local Dr. was right. He said my husband can walk around while the BCG dwells and 1 hour was OK. He said no precautions are needed with intercourse.

Has anyone else heard this?

Had anyone transmitted BCG to their spouse?

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Wow!!! That makes the rest of us who have been following exactly the opposite instructions feel pretty stupid if your doc is right!!! Let's hear what the others say- I have been keeping in for 2 hours (moving around walking)...bleaching.....and all the other this a crazy world or what?

Best to your hubs anyway!! I am due for another three-monthly cycle of 3 weekly sessions soon.

Keep fighting!!!

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I had one dose of BCG after my turbc. we had intercourse a week later, the next day my wife came down with a fever and vaginal burn. the next two weeks she had to apply olive oil to the vaginal walls to stop them from fusing together. No intercourse since due to pain from the canal being reduced in size.
Often wonder if any else has been through this. We and my wife's Dr disagree with your Dr. I think you have to wait 6-8 weeks.

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I had 2 - 6 rounds of BCG and 1 - 6 round of mitomycin and all 3 times I had to hold it for 2 hours, bleech the toilet and no unprotected sex for 6 weeks. That's news to me, it might be the new "thang"

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Blute, your and your wife's experiences are certainly a cautionary tale. Sounds like BCG is nothing to underestimate!


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I had over twenty BCG treatments, with interferon. I had to turn every 15 minutes for one hour, then could urinate and go home. There were never instructions about using bleach in the toilet, nor any instructions regarding sex. However, I used a condom for the first couple of days after each BCG treatment, on my own volition just in case there was something to all the warnings I had read about. It always impressed me that BCG, an attenuated strain of human tuberculosis and used as a vaccine in Europe, is injected into our bladders and held there for up to two hours, with residual amounts probably longer, and yet people are supposed to be deathly afraid of the organism and use bleach in the toilets etc. Go figure!

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I start BCG Thursday morning and gave my wife all of the precautions. I think she is moving into the extra bedroom Thusday night.

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Livestrong article quotes "",

and parrots the caution to use a condom "first 48 hours".

My own take, having had BCG spilled open air on my leg!
the US medical society, as my own Uro agrees, leans in the
direction of over-caution when it comes to what we are told to "do" or "not do".

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I'm pretty amazed. I thought the standard procedures were to hold the BCG for two hours by walking around, normal activity, or turning on all four sides for equal time. Then urination should be followed by bleach in the toilet for 20 minutes, then flush, lasting for six hours.

Normal intercourse could commence without protection in four weeks.

I have heard that numerous times. I've completed my first two years and that's what i've followed.

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Can't agree more on how frustrating all the contradictory public information is. My suggestion on BCG cautions is just follow Dr. Lamm's recommendations, easy to Google FAQs.

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I was told to turn every 15 minutes for the first hour and could walk or whatever for the second hour but the longest I was able to hold it in was one hour and thirty five minutes and that was staying laid down at the treatment room. Then after urinating I was to use bleach every time for the next eight hours. I was advised to use a condom while active with the treatments and for the next six weeks after the treatments ended. I had no intentions whatsoever not to use a condom and put my wife at risk. Although unfortunately for us it has not been a problem due to the fact that the BCG left my bladder so irritated and painful that passing water has been to the point of unbearable, but what do you do you have to go right. It has been four months now since I started the BCG and finally am having some relief. It was very frustrating not remembering the last time I urinated without pain, even before the BCG started. The catheters were bad enough but the first two cysto's were so traumatic that I swore that was the last time I was going through that without a sedative and told my Uro that I wouldn't put my dog through that without putting it under. I basicly found out how I felt wasn't important so with the help of my gp I gave myself an O and B narcotic suppository to numb the prostate and a purcecet to to help keep me calm through the procedure. It made a world of difference and I'm very happy to say there are no more tumors and he said it looked way better than the last time, now I'm just waiting to hear when my next treatment start. Sorry I've rambled but everyone seems to handle things different and wondered if anyone else had the same problems with it that I've had. Thanks.

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Every time I have had bcg (6 times) the nurse who applied it wore a biohazard suit. I don't think they do this for nothing. Consequently I follow 2 hours, 3 days, and bleach protocols. Some even wear old underwear and destroy it; I have been packing my underwear with TP.
The best survival rates are those who are treated for three years, the entire three years, with treatments at 3 month and later 6 month intervals. Many choose not to complete this; some have little choice in the matter because their bodies are already weakened by other problems.
I believe a relaxation in the protocols is due to doctors not wanting to "cause" their patients discomfort. They don't like dealing with complaints and pain.
Certainly it is up to you how much you want an effective treatment. Simply put, this treatment is going to move from discomfort to pain. You had better be tough or get tough to endure it. You didn't ask for this, but here you are.
I suppose when the pain comes you can say, it's only a bladder. Take it!
There is something one feels after some of Life's experiences, though, that for many, comes out this way: I won't be beaten. I will beat this.

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Let me add that I strongly recommend "Foods To Fight Cancer" by Beliveau. This is another form of resistance, this one Doctors will rarely even tell you about. They have no stake in it. It isn't "provable" but the elements are well laid out in the book. You need to feel like you are doing everything you can, that you are not at the mercy (what little if any there is) of this disease.

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We were given an information packet from the mfg of the BCG before his treatment even started. The recommendations most of you have spelled out were in there. Hold it for 2 hours, turning every 15 minutes, bleach in the toilet for first 6 hours after you empty the bladder, no sex for first 48 hours, and use condom for first 6 weeks. I would rather not take chances myself, if the company that makes the stuff has these recommendations. I work in a hospital and have to have yearly TB tests, and so far (3 years now) I have come back clean, but always go in wondering how much I've been exposed. We also got a handsfree soap dispenser for the bathroom, so he doesn't get this stuff on a bar of soap as well.

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I think the main concern on the part of the manufacturers is that exposure to BCG will make a person react to the regular TB tine test, become a "converter" as they say. The person will not have TB, but will carry the antibodies generated by the BCG. The doctor will not know whether to treat you for TB or not. In fact, that is exactly why BCG is not used as a vaccination against TB in the US, because it makes everyone positive to the tine test. It was used successfully in Europe, but they could not use the tine test for screening. They had to depend on chest x-rays. In the US, we screen with the tine test.

Rarely, people have had overwhelming infections from the BCG organism itself. This is particularly true for those who are immunocompromised, such as people with AIDS.

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