Horrible smelling urine

My urine smells horrible. I mean "horrible" to the point I try not to use a public restroom where another will follow me. The doctor says it's normal because the urnine passes through a piece of intestine and there is no problem because there are no symptoms. I know there is a deoderant product you can put into the bag each time it's used that is supposed to eliminate of lessen the smell but haven't used it yet. Anyone else have this ordor problem or is it just me?

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If you have been checked for a UTI and there is no infection there are a couple of things that seem to help. First, drink more water 80 - 100 ounces a day and, secondly, include one large glass of cranberry juice in that total. Good luck!


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It might very well be bacteria in the bag that is making the urine smell bad.. At night when you use a night bag (?) mix a very light solution of bleach and water and let it sit over night. do the same with your night bag each day.. just enough to get the interior covered.. you do not need to dump it out. just let it fill up when you re-hook up.

I found out as the bags got a few days/weeks old, they started to smell.. the bleach took care of that and I got to use them longer w/out the smell

I used a leg bag during the day and a larger night bag I layed on the floor at night.


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Mega doses of vitamin C works for me to eliminate odor. It is effective within a couple of hours and works all day. 500 mg reduces smell, and 1000 mg removes it all together. In addition, when I shower I squirt an ounce or two of vinegar water in the bag, slosh it around, and empty it. RB

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I would want to make sure it was not a bad infection. D-Mannose helps me when my urine gets an odor. It is supposed to attract the bacteria in your urine and then when you empty it will take it away. There are certain things that you eat that will give urine a smell as well.

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Thanks all. I ordered the freebee linked above by Dondi and I'm trying a deodorent from my main supplier and will stop eating stinky rotten disgusting horrible things and take some vit. C and be a good boy from now on. I don't have an infection. If I continue to smell bad, the public will just have to understand (or not). PeeeU.

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It worked for me hope it does for you too ! No infections no symptoms just a strong urine smell 2 days after changing my bag. Since using this I've had no odor at all. Hope it works the same for you too.

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I have the same problem but a drop of shampoo into the bag at bath time takes care of it.

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Roybean: When you say Vit C helps, does one take in internally or just put the tablet in the bag? Sorry if the question sounds stupid!

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Bowsher, Certainly not a stupid question about the vitamin C. I should have said I take them orally. It was recommended to me by a gal at Nu-Hope ostomy company. I've been led to believe overdoses of vitamins are not harmful, since we simply excrete the excess. Hope the aforementioned is true. My stench was discusting, but the C sure keeps it in check. RB

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Thanks Roybean. Will get some Vit C today.

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Hi Roy,

It used to be taught that the water soluble vitamins, such as Bs and C are not dangerous when mega doses are taken, and that as you say the excess is excreted in the urine. To my knowledge, there has not been any good evidence to the contrary. On the other hand, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E , and K are different and at least most of them have toxic effects including that E is associated with increased risk of prostate cancer. Hypervitaminosis A is a well known liver toxin and K probably results in hypercoaguable problems as it is a pro coagulant.


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Thanks, JJ! I guess we should be suspect of any supplement as a crutch for what we need to be doing naturally. Roy

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Both my husband and I have been taking 1,000 IU's of vitamin C, on the advice, no less, of our dentist, for healthy gums, and we had given out for the past week or so. BOTH of us had horrible smelling urine and have been trying to discover the cause. Thanks to you folks on here, we now know....off to the store to stock up again! We did increase the water intake, also, and that helped. Thanks!

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