Have to apply alot of pressure while urinating

Hello All:

This board and great people have been a tremendous help to my husband and I. He had an RC with neobladder in August, 2009. A few issues here and there that seemed to disappear on their own. I do have a quick question and that is, does anyone have a hard time emptying their neobladder by having to press hard and throughout the lower abdomen to empty it completely? My husband had an easier time in the first few months but recently, he needs to apply much more pressure. The clinic goofed on the void test a few months ago--the nurse thought they were just collecting a urine sample so he rescheduled for February (he was, understandably, a little tired of doctors and medical visits at that point). The doctor wants to see if perhaps there is any blockage requiring an unusual amount of pressure to void completely now. Meanwhile, we would like to ask if any neo patients out there has/had a similar problem.

Thanks so much,


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Hi Debbie, I had my Rc feb 2009 I am incontient at this point but i have noticed if I drip alot I might be blocked with mucus. My Dr told me to Cath at least Once everyother month to make sure the mucus is not blocking. Drink alot of water during the day to help thin out the mucus. Cranberry juice is also recommemded. I sit and lean forward and push not to hard because I don;t want to have a hernia. Has he had a ct follow up? Also 7 months after surgery your dr should do a cysto and look inside to see how everything is doing. You can also see your new bladder and at that point they can see whats going on.

We all have different problems, Just make sure he is empying his bladder.

Best to you both and keep on truckin,

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Vinny, thanks so much. It appears we're on the same page. Your experience confirms that he may indeed need to cath after his cysto and scan in February.

Thanks again and yes, everyone seems to have their own unique variations to the BC experience.


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I am 6 months post op. I have been sitting and bending over with some abdominal effort to force the urine out. I have not had the need to cath and feel that I am emptying well. I have not had the need to push on my abdomen to help with emptying.

I find that the more I drink the easier it is to get the flow going and to empty. They should have taught him how to self-cath and gave him the supplies to do so. Has he done it and has it made a difference?

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Hi Debbie,
I had a similar problem and it was found that there was scar tissue blocking the urethra where it connects to the neo. During a cysto it was scrapped out a little and stretched (inserted a balloon and inflated it and left for a minute) then everything removed. No more problems after that. This is simple for them to do and does not take long.

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mine went distended......now i cath 3 times a day

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Thank you all so much for your informative replies. As with each person on this site, we are trying to get our footing and learn what to expect, what's normal and what's not. Its so helpful when you share your experiences with us. Thank you and will keep you posted.


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I had my RC back in April of 2007. One of the things I do is that I purchased one of those belts used for weight lifting, with a velcro closure. I tie it very tight in the abdomen area and with some pressure by taking in air and the abdomen I can empty my Neobladder. Initially I used my belt, but broke one when creating this pressure.

Also, as mentioned by several here drink lots of water, I also put in a blender a cucumber with lime and ice, it is refreshing and good. I personally stay away from milk, sodas and sugary drinks.
Best of luck.

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I had the cysto balloon as well. I cath everyother day to encourage the scar tissue to grow out, not in. If i can't get the catheter all the way in, I know I am closing off, and time for another balloon. I have had two balloons in the first 10 months. The doctor seems to think I am good to go now. I hope so, I am REALLY tired of cathing. Still a small price to pay to be alive!

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