Fistula in Colon Affecting Bladder

I got an email from someone in San Francisco last year that knew alot about fistulas in the colon but can't find their address. Maybe someone else knows. I was told by one internist that they just can end up healing to close itself off. I've had mine for a year at least and I don't think that has happened to any degree. Can anyone tell me if they've had one and how they go about diagnosing it...type of doctor...procedure etc. I also have an abdominal hernia in the area and muscle invasive bladder cancer with bladder intact. I was wondering about having a colonoscopy...if that would tell what and where etc on it. Thanks for any experience with this. All the best, Marilyn

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I guess a scope from either side (colon or bladder) would have an equal chance of discovering this. What makes you think you have a colovesical (colon to bladder) fistula? Would also think that perhaps a retrograde pyelogram might reveal that dye also enters the colon from the bladder. Since you have bc, I think I would start with my urologic oncologist.


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I was diagnosed with a fistula when the urologist replaced a stent in my left ureter. At the time he said he didn't know if the dye used to check the ureter was going over into the colon or if the dye was coming up through the bladder. I have a large abdominal hernia from the abdominal incision when they did my bladder cancer biopsy. I had a complication to the scoping and what they were doing and so they returned me to the OR and did an obdominal incision to make sure everything was okay. I have had it for quite some time and am now trying to determine how to proceed with my muscle invasive bladder cancer. I have had the one urologist who is not at a comprehensive cancer center and my friend was encouraging me to consider going to a comprehensive center where a team evaluation would be done all together and thought that more advantageous than having the same surgeon who did the biopsy and the stent replacement and who I've had some follow up with. I would have to see about urologic oncologists here in Sacramento....maybe the UC Davis Med Center. Do you know of other urologic oncologists that you could recommend? Thanks for your ideas. I may be trying to think too far out but the fistula,hernia, ureteral stent are beyond the bladder cancer and I want to know what is going to be important in order to be at the right place for care. Thanks so much for your input. Best, Marilyn

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I have had a series of fisulas from my uretha to the skin surface and from my neo-bladder to the abdomem. The uretha fistula they let it dry out by me wearing a foley cath for 5 months so we could by pass it. The neo-bladder to the abdomem we surgically removed them over three surgeries as they kept coming back. Finally they quit growing and I am fine 2 years later.

I have heard that the intestine to bladder fistulas can make you very sick, so I am surprised you are not talking about that. The bacteria into the bladder is a possibility and the fistulas are hard to control as they want to continue to grow.

I am also somewhat surprised that the doctor that found it was not more proactive with you and get it taken care of . One year is a little too long for this to possible get you really sick.


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Fistula between bowel ans neo bladder confirmed with MRI and CT scans with dye. The fistula is very evident. I am on a daily low dose antibiotic Nitrofurantoin and on occasion Sulfatrim when a UTI flares up.

To correct the fistula would be another major surgery which I don't want unless REALLY necessary. I also have an incisional hernia of considerable size.

Open RC done in June, 2010, I'm coming up to my 69th birthday.

Life is good.


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I had to switch doctors when I deveolped fistulas as most surgeons never get the experiance dealing with it. I went with Dr. Timothy Boone of Methodist Hospital here in Houston. He also is the professor of Urology at Baylor College of Medicine.

He told me He only gets referred when the orginial doctor messes up and he is left with the clean up!!

Ha Ha

Well, it sounds like you have it under control.. yes , I suppose it is another major surgery issue. Hope all is well with you!!


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I have every confidence in my surgeon and he consulted with a gastro-specialist who did the MRI and further examination.

They both suggest that I let a sleeping dog lie, which I agree with. Better the devil I know than the devil I don't.


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I just had an abdominal CT scan but nothing on a fistula was reported. I have a large abdominal hernia on top (colon with fistula somewhere), calcified uterine fibroids that are leaning on my bladder and then my intact bladder. It sounds like you have been working with urology surgeons rather than gastroenterologists or some type of other surgeon. I had one naturopathic healer tell me that marshmallow extract would help it to close up on its own and an internist tell me they can close up on their own but since I've had it for quite some time as evidenced by odd ball urinary infections then it doesn't appear to be changing in that way. I'm praying I can get to the right doctors/solution. Thanks for your encouragement. Best, Marilyn

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