ED after Prostate removal

Hi, I had my Bladder and Prostate removed 5 months ago. So far still no erection. It is concerning to me, but I am told that this is normal and I should regain normal function again. I know my Wife is getting frustrated, even though she doesn't really show it. I am just wondering how long it took for others who have had the same procedure. Thank you, Jerry

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Thank you all, your responses are heart warming, encouraging, inspirational, and informative! I saw my Urologist today. He wrote me a prescription for injections. I have another appointment on Wednesday to give it a try! I will let you know how it goes! Thank you again. :)

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Bladder & Prostate removal damages a lot of nerves.

I asked Dr. Timothy Boone, Professor of Urology at the Baylor College of medicine about Nerve Sparing surgery.

He told me, "do not all doctors want to spare the nerves?" "There is no evidence that if you had the "procedure" it is any more effective than not". Why would a surgeon "Not" "spare your nerves." .

He was not my surgeon, but saw him on my total Ed. I just believe that this RC just can really damage the nerves period. I have total ED, even with a dry orgasm, no life in the boy. I would be a candidate for the Trimex Shot. Pills would not help me.

For more info, I would go to www.healingwell.com

Go to Prostate Cancer in the "Forum" blog area.

You can see the questions posted. Sign up and post a question like you just did.

Many more prostate guys out there than BC guys. They all take various pill, trimix shots, vacuum pumps and the like. So you get a much more experienced bunch of guys that suffer these issues.

Some men also have surgery and an implant put in which helps also.

Trimex seems to be the big helper. A lot of guys to this and it seems to work.


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Just remember that it may not work the first time. The initial injection may be a very low dosage that does nothing for you, so it is a lot of trial and error to determine the proper dosage that works for you - everyone is different. Please say that you have someone experienced with teaching you how to inject, where to inject, and all that good stuff. Good luck.....


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Yes Marge , my Urologist is going to teach me on Wednesday. I have studied up a bit also. We will go slow.

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I found no benefit from Viagra, and the pump seemed too ridiculous (although it is great for exercise to keep blood flow to the area, which is very important - so it's good for that). I've had excellent results from Tri-Mix, which is a self-administered shot prescribed by your doctor and you get the medicine from a compounding pharmacy. I didn't find giving myself a brief shot to be too onerous - people with Diabetes learn to do this so why can't I? You start with the lowest dose and slowly increase over subsequent sessions. The idea is to use the smallest amount necessary to produce the result. For me it was a small amount, fortunately. It makes a real erection that sustains. If anything, the worry is avoiding overdosing. Three years post-operative, I have started to sometimes wake up in the middle of the night "at attention" but this does not translate into situational response while awake, absent TriMix. Still, it's encouarging; I'm hoping that it means the activity is helping to revive the nerves and that the progress may continue. Best of luck!

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Been 18 months for me and nothing?

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Well, I have tried injections twice now. It is a little painful while erect but it works! I have heard that the mixture can be adjusted a bit to make it less painful. Using a pump seems to wake "it" up some, and I am going to try Viagra this weekend. Just an update. Take care peeps! Jerry

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It has been over two years (like Khatua) and NOTHING - absolutely nothing - works and I've tried it all. Even the 'dry runs' are fruitless! Fruitless? Haha. Nothing like trying to keep it up!!

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A surgical implant could be an option.
May be worth discussing with a specialist.
Good luck with your care and treatment.

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Hey Jerry,
I'm 54 and had a RC 18 months ago. After the honeymoon of being cancer free which is most important, my sexual function seemed very important.
I had nerve sparring and it takes painstakingly long. It's gradual but started being able to sustain erections after 1 year.
I take a daily 5mgs of Cialis.
I also did injections after 4 months just to be able to have an erection. Works amazing and still sometime give myself a small dose on occasion to get rock hard.
Be hopeful, plenty of options to use. And, erections do come back naturally for many, not all though.

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