Did you go home with with a catheter after your first turbt?

I am asking this question as rock n roll went home without one,and had to go back and have one put in after his turbt..
After my husbands first turbt he came home with a catheter for 12 days,,,good thing!! as the result was we saw many little debris that could have gotten stuck somewhere causing problems. When you have a tumor scrapped and removed best they can in this procedure the aftermath has to come out in different forms. After the second turbt at the Cleveland Clinic
he didn't require one, why?,,,the doctor said he had cleaned the bladder out so well it wasn't necessary.
Recently we have been helping a couple we met through our son,,,he also didn't come home with a cath,,,result was a backup of urine into the ureters and kidneys,,,at first complaint they gave him pain pills,of course,,,at 3rd complaint they cathed him at the er,,,,solved the problem,,,,so be sure and ask about it at your first turbt,,,,
Did you have a cath after your turbt?


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Yes, I had one for a week or two,cant remember exactly on the first,but with the RC had it for 3
to 4 weeks.

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Roadrunner - you started off asking one question which brought up many more!
Why is there such a discrepancy?
My first TURB was apparently a long one and I was kept overnight and cathed. Once the urine was clear I could go home. Off work for 3 weeks
My second one, the doc wasn't sure if I would have to stay overnight but I did, and I was cathed and sent home the next morning after an all clear. Off work for almost 3 weeks.
There have been so many different scenarios from the people who posted! Is there not a standard protocol?

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Just to clarify, the cath was removed at the hospital before I went home!


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TURBT x 2, Cath X2 for 3 days each. My understanding was this was a precaution in case some clots were too big to pass which would result in possible urinary obstruction leading to increased bladder pressure which could result in perforation of the wall in the area thinned by the resection.


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The reason it concerns me is the problem our new friends ran into with no cath going home,,,,boy,its all over the board on this one,,,,I guess its in the eye of the beholder as to whether or not the urine is clear enough to send home without one,,,,but seems like it would be more cautious to have one when going home,,,my husband had one for 12 days,,,,,12 days after the first turbt,I think they were over pre-cautious in his case.............ginger

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When I had my original TURBT to have a small tumor removed I went home without a catheter but ended up in the emergency room that night with extreme pain from backup of urine. A few weeks later I had several biopsies taken and the urologist put in a catheter for 2 days after I told him about my previous experience. I will know from now on.

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we only had 1 turbt - came home next day with no cath - only part of tumor removed - to much into the wall - urine looked good 24 hours later so uro doc then sent us to uro surgeon

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3 TURBTs. For the first one, spent a night or two in the hospital. Went home with the catheter. My urologist made a house visit to remove it the next day. For the second two, I think I spent one night in the hospital and went home without the catheter.

The worst was for my first biopsy one a Friday afternoon, I was sent home with a catheter over the weekend. Pure torture. Went to the urologists office Monday morning to have it removed.

I know there was some other time my urologist made a house call to remove a catheter.

Now after my biopsies, I go home without a catheter. I always tell my urologist that I wake up in recovery (I do it with general anethesia) I don't have a catheter in. He told me no. I always have a catheter in recovery, I just don't remember it being removed.

I'm also fascinated by the wide variety of experiences we have for the same procedure. With and without anesthesia, catheter or not, staying in the hospital or not. Some obviously is due to our individual conditions, but given the same patient lots of urologists would do things differently.

I think what's also interesting is how much I remember with the anesthesia. Sometimes I barely remember going to the hospital. Other times I remember everything before and after the procedure.

The worst was getting the wrong anesthesia which in my case was ketamine. From what I found out later in talking to some doctor friends, it was the wrong stuff. The biggest problem was I wasn't told what I was getting and in recovery the experience was totally different than other times. I thought something was very wrong, but what I experienced was completely normal. Unfortunately the nurses in recovery didn't know what anesthesia I had and couldn't tell me what was going on. The care was terrible. After about two hours they tracked down the anesthesiologist and he told me my experience was completely normal. I wish I had been told earlier or what to expect.

Needless to say, I haven't been back to that hospital. I'm fortunate that I'm in an area with several hospitals to choose from where my urologist practices.

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Was sent home and hour or two after the TURB without catheter. Took the pill that turns you urine blue; refused the vicodin. Thank God my husband had some vicodin he had not needed. Had to take one of those.

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I went home with a cath all but one of the times..most of the time for 5 days... a couple of times they instructed me how to remove myself and 1 time they made me return so they could remove it.
I also had to return twice and have one put in w/out anesthesia because of blood clot blockage... brutal! hurt like mad and i kicked the nurse by accident! She was not happy with me .... after that they brought in a few people to hold me down..

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One time ys and one time no. I am ashamed to say I removed it myself. It was driving me absolutely crazy. ( P.S. I caled the uro before I removed it. lol)

Tom in Michigan

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After bobs turb the first time he went home with bag for a day. And also for the 3 month peek, he went back in morning to remove it. In MD Anderson for the biopsies, no bag! Joycee

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Bob 7,,,,,,,hummm,,,,,,,,,your right,all these different scenarios,,,,,same procedure,,,,I guess its up to the doctor,,,,who did the turbt,,,,but it seems like a cath would be more likely to prevent any back up,at least for a couple days,,,,my husband had it 12 days,,,,he went crazy with it,,,,very interesting..........ginger

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One TURBT and I had a cath for 2 weeks.

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We're certainly all different. I have had several turbt's

1st one with a cath for 3 or 4 days. I took it out myself. No probs.

2nd same.

3rd, no cath.. that was at 10 am, al was good til about 4. I stopped unrinating. Called the doc and he said, "OH no big deal" YEAH for HIM !! I was in agony.. ended up at the ER at 11 and had a cath put in.

4th one had a cath..

5 th one no cath.. stopped urinating again around 3:30 by 4 I was in agony .. I called a uro dr (friend) and they cathed me immediately in their office (office visit was cheaper by 100;s than than the ER!)

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Boy Mason,
Bet you were glad to have it all come out,,,personally I think everyone should have a cath for a couple days,,,,just in case..........

sorry you had all this happen,

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Don't be sorry. just another fun part of the journey ! If we didn't have dips in the road..how would we recognize the high points !??

or waxing philosophic.. we learn from all these things...

don't we ???

please !??

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No Ginger no Cath my turb was in early july and my rc in sept. No blood, no back up and pain free.

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