Convatec surfit Natura pouch weld leakage

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has experienced leakage around the left side of the weld that holds the spigot piece to the pouch? I am very active, and have had a few small leaks, which lead to emptying of the pouch, after snow shoveling or after strenuous yoga. Convatec has been great about replacing what I felt were defective pouches, but perhaps its about the degree of folding type of exercise. It's annoying when it happens, but the way I see it, I'm otherwise totally fine and happy after my one year out - after an RC - anniversary. So, I'm not complaining, just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, and if so, any ideas about how to get around it short of the obvious - don't shovel or do yoga...Thanks, terrybee

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I use the convatec two piece wafer system that is moldable and have not had any problems with leakage. I have been using their products for a little over a year now. I have never used the surefit pouch.

You can call Convatec and they will answer all of your questions. Their number is: 800-422-8811. They have many knowledgable ostomy nurses and are very helpful.


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Hi terrybee:

I'm also a ConvaTec surfit natura user, but have not experienced any problems of pouch leaking around the weld or anywhere else for that matter ??? I also shovel snow when necessary, and exercise daily. Sorry,...can't help you in that regard.

I've used ConvaTec pouches for the last 2 1/2 yrs plus, but about a year and a half ago I switched to the opaque bags and stopped using the clear bags unless I'm going to drs. If you haven't tried the opaque ones, ....that would be an option. Don't know why that would make a difference, ....but stranger things have happened. Hmmmmmm,...........???

Wishing you well.

C U,

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HI John and Bill,
Thanks so much; I must be doing something to create this problem...I appreciate hearing from you, as it helps me zero in on things. Take care and enjoy your lives!! Cheers,

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Hi Terry,
I am also using the Sure Fit Natura Durahesive 2 piece system. I had several little leaks at the bottom of the pouch, but I noticed them the same day I changed the system. They were so small, that I could wrap a tissue around and it would be okay for a while. I had to change the pouches only. The other issue I had with them is, that sometimes after the change the spigot drains so slowly it drives me crazy. I am always careful to put air into the bag before I put them on, but some packs are just slower for the first day or two. I really like the simple openings of the Coloplast bags, but I have an issue with peristomal redness, and I have that problem in control with the Convatec bags.
Convatec is very good about sending replacement bags when I have problems.

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Good morning....I also use the Convatec Natura and only had a leak once at the weld. My thought was that when opening the spigot maybe I pulled on the weld with my finger. Yes I think drainage is a bit slow on changing day also. No compaints otherwise. I have used the Convatec system since June 2011 and am happy with it. Gail

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Hi Irene and Gail,
Thank you both....interesting about possibly pulling on the weld when opening the spigot; I hadn't thought of that...
Yes, the draining on the first day is a bit slow, but not a problem...I too am happy overall with the system, and Convatec is very responsive. I'm impressed that all of this is as easy as it is; I adjusted right away, and that was a big relief...
Take care. Have great day, Terry

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I have used the Convatec one-piece pouches with drain since mid November. I think I've only had two or three defective ones. One was a small seam leak near the drain collection area, the other was a drain that would not open from the start. I too always blow air into the pouch before installing a new one because of that problem. All other issues were, most likely, user related.

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Thank you! I think my issues may be user related too, apart from a few defective ones.. Appreciate your feedback. Cheers, Terry

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