Has anyone had complications from bladder surgery?

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Are you asking about surgical complications in general? Any surgery has the potential for complications. I'm sure many of us have had a few of those. As to complications arising from any bladder surgery, it would be hard to answer. Bladder surgery is not a one size fits all procedure.
Those of us members in the BC community are survivors, so if we had any complications, we are coping or have coped with them as they came up.
Perhaps you could be more explicit. Are you needing bladder surgery? Have you had bladder surgery? If so, do you need input as to how to deal with your particular problem?
Keep the discussion open, so that we may help you. Karego

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Surgery complications. I had radial cystectomy with the following complications .Large neo bladder, large incisional hernia, I have to self catherization 3 times a day due inability to empty.and I also have a hydronephrosis on the left side(this required a nephrostomy tube).Has anyone had any of these problems with surgery?

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I find it hard to believe that nobody had complications from radial cystectomy surgery . Please see my comment dated 1/1/08.

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why was your neobladder so large? Was it made large in surgery, or was it not voided frequently enough after surgery? how are your pelvic floor exercises going? Have you tried different positions in urinating? (Standing up, sitting down, beding you body?)

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I had a neo bladder done in Feb. 2004 I was incontinent after the surgery. After further testing it was found that my sphincter (sp)? muscle was shot. It could have been from the previous transurethral surgeries or BCG treatments they were unsure. In April 04 I had a bladder sling which was abdominal surgery . This did mean that I would have to self cather all the time. In July 04 the sling let loose so o I had another bladder sling this was a one day procedure and again self cathering all the time but so far this has held. I do get incontinet when I'm starting with a urinary tract infection or at times I do leak. I am on a daily maintenance antibiotic to ward off these infections. In June 2006 tumors were found in my ureter which led to my kidney being removed. I have adjusted to all of the above and I am living life to the fullest.

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1 month after surgery I HAS A CAT scan and it showed a very large neobladder and a very large hernia

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Had my RC and prostate removal in July /06 and chose stoma and outside pouch.the decision was based on less sugery time and the problems associated with incontenance and infections with neobladders from web cafes and information obtained from other cancer sites. My inital surgry was a piece of cake and about 2 days after started to get sicker and my belly swelling .By the fourth day I was in extreeme pain and had discharge seeping through my incision .my surgeon tried many different things and finally I am back in surgery to repair a leak in the bowel from where they took out a piece of the illium to make the stoma; and also had a leak where the ueters were stiched to the stoma .So i had poop and pee going into the body cavity. When they put the pump through my nose prior to the second surgey to relieve the fluid pressure, they got 8 liters of fluid out of the cavity so you can imagine the smell and relief. What should have took 7-10days of hospital time took 4.5 weeks. All is over now and feeling ok and have had 3 scans and no sign of the beast .I wound up with Lymphodema due to the removal of 59 lymph nodes which was a surprise and also my sex life is over due to nerve removal with the prosatate removal .Should have asked more questions .But I'm alive and the doc told me before surgery I had 3 choices #1 nothing..dead in 1 year #2 Chemo and radiation...Maybe would work #3 Rc and get rid of the beast and hopfully not return. It had penetrated the fatty tissue around the bladder wall but not to nodes ,so we were very hopefull and remain so. Life goes on

Iam a 65 year old male and am quite active and continue to do what I can but the fluid retention in the middle of the body has not helped my golf game but we are working on that.

With God's Blessing we will be around for a long time

good luck to all bladder cancer victims.
Keith in Canda

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I find that you are also male of my age group (65) and I am (72) having had RC with removal of bladder, prostrate, lymph node and having stoma for urine collection in a urostomy bag. I have a few querries for your kind persusal and comments.

1) What is "fluid retention in the middle of the body"? I understand the leaks have been corrected and you are OK. Now, what is ths fluid retention in the middle of the body? Can you please elaborate? What type of discomfort / symptom do you have due to this fluid retention?

2) I am now about a year after surgery without any major discomfort, except for the drill for emptying the urostomy bag once in about 2 hrs and for longer hours use of leg attachable extender, use of urine bag during nights etc.

3) I have few personal questions about (a) How you manage for daily shower (b) How you manage for long hours outdoors (c) how often you replace the body held urostomy bag etc. I use Coloplast (Holland make) urostomy bag with flange during and I replace it once in 7 to 10 days. During shower, I use a plastic sheet to cover the bag area and the plastic sheet held in place on the body with Micropore or Transpore (3M product) all around. After the shower the tape is removed and similar drill for next day etc.

with regards and best wishes. Can you give me your e mail ID, if you dont mind?

Air Vice Marshal ( retd) Govindarajan.

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Fluid Retention is from the Lymphodema due to the nodes being removed from the groin area for testing for malignant cells.This condition is similar to older people having swelling in the legs and wearing compression stockings for leg swelling, only in my case the swelling is in the midlle part of my body. The discomfort is the swelling itself and makes me look and feel fat.

I change my pouch every 4 days because the stoma is located where the swelling occurs and have found the seal only will last this long. I too empty about every 2 hours as I drink lots of water took keep the mucus from building .I don't use a leg bag but do use a night bag.

Daily showers are much the same as you by using a plastic sheet to try to protect but not working to well, so lately i use nothing and doesn't seem to cause a problem; still seems to hold. Long hours means I have to find a place to empty and plan ahead . I use a holister 8486 convex one-piece urostomy pouch and found this works best for me at this time after trying many different styles and types.This could change as the body shape changes

E-mail is

good luck

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My husband, Paul, had removal of the bladder, prostrate, lymph glands and 3 sections of bowel to build the neo bladder. They removed the tumor in August 2008 and they had to do the radical surgery September 15, 2008. My husband has had many complications and had 10 trips to the hospital for dehydration, blood transfusions, bacterial blood infection, plasma, shots to rebuild red blood cells,
a fibulation from a blood clot that went from the leg to the lung and now has an abcess that rests on the left kidney that doctors have been treating for 3 months. He has had 2 different drain tubes in his back and they have removed the back drain tube and now has his second drain tube in his side directly into the kidney. We have been back and forth to the hospital for cat scans and dye. Each time he goes in they drain more off the abcess. 1400cc's, 800cc's, 400cc's and now they said it has not reduced in size. the oncologist stopped his chemo the end of Oct. because of this abcess. I feel it is similar to your's. I feel the mucous from the bladder is blocking his flow of urine. When he had a catheter in, he had to constantly be flushed. It would stop every 1 1/2 hrs. The drain tube would stop almost simutamiously. He dosen't have a catheter anymore but last Sunday was rushed from the nursing home because he couldn't urinate and was in extreme pain. When the ambulance came he went to sit up. He felt a pop and
the nurse said the mucous just poured out and then
he urinated non stop for approx. 15 minutes. The drain tube had not been draining again but started when all of this happened. I don't know if this situation has any similarities with you. we are trying to find answers the doctors don't seem to have as we want to get his chemo going and get him home. 5 months of this has made him very weak and he has to have rehabilitation. he has lost 72 lbs. any help you might have would be great.

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Boy,,after reading all of these replies I am very grateful that in my husbands case he had no complications ,,,so it makes me wonder,,HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN AND WHY?? Sure he had some nerve problems with his left groin and leg,which went away,,,bowel issues meaning getting them to regualte once again to somewhat normal circumstances,, my husband was no youngster being 67 at the time of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic,,he has the outside bag,, he needed no blood transfusions during surgery,,no infections,,non of the above,,so I ask you?
Were these because of the CARE RECEIVED, or was it just bad luck,,,,,whatever the answer my prayers are with those who have had such complications,,,but I still wonder,,,why did it happen? Ginger

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One more thing,,,one year and 5 months after surgery he does have a hernia, the truth is instaed of taking what he needed to to have his bowel situations normal he let up and ended up making the bathroom scenario a CESSION,,so he now has a repair happening this Friday at the Cleveland Clinic.....lesson learned....Ginger

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Granted I am not a man but I too had a radical cystectomy with lymph node removal and a few other things. I feel my wound ostomy nurse has led me in the right direction as to the slowing down of the mucous. I suggest you take cranberry tablets 500 mg a day you can get them at helt food stores or at walmart. also she told me to drink a glass of lemon aid each day. something with citrus. also you do have to drink plenty of water each day. I have found that if I do this it cuts down on the mucous a lot and if I skip a few days the mucous is back. as for the showers with plastic over the outside bags... That is not neccesary. I take a hot shower or a hot bath with or without the bag on and there is no problem. My ostomy nurse told me that it is ok and it will not hurt anything.
I hope this helps all of you with problems of mucous and those of you that feel a need to go through the hastle of covering your bag. I get just as much wear out of my appliance as you do and I do not cover it when I take a bath or shower. or even if I go swimming. the doctor told me that the stoma is a one way stoma. urine comes out but nothing runs in.
Huggs and prayer for all. Catbug

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I agree with Cathy. I never cover my bag when I bathe. Yes, the bag gets wet but it dries fairly quickly. At first I used my hairdryer on cool but now I just dry it off with the towel and let it dry on its own. That is the impatience in me but I have had not had problems. I too drink lots of water. I have mucous but that goes with the territory and I hear that it gets better as time goes on. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff.
Take Care.

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I've had a couple of complications but nothing like I read in this thread. From my RC in Jul08, the connection from my neo in to urethra scarred up so the suprapubic tube had to be retained until we fix it. We curently are looking at two courses of action - one surgical and one non-surgical that will fix it, I'll write more when we get it done.
More pressing is that I recently had my 6 month CT scan and one of my kidneys was found to not be draining properly. Thus, I'm going in tomorrow for one of the ever-popular neph tubes that will be used to get dye in so they can see the real problem and then get used as a drain until we get the problem fixed. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 2 hr visit and then home. Supposedly, the probable fix for the issue will also be a day-surgery.

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I have a problem similar to yours. On my 5 year checkup after RC they found that neither kidney was draining properly. After dye in the foley, dye in the nephrostomy tube and dye in IV, all the xrays, MRI and CT scans they found scar tissue where both ureters connect to the neo bladder. I had 7 hour surgery and 7 days in the hospital in Sept to fix this, but they didn't take it all out and the same problem exists. I now have stents in both ureters to help them drain. Repair #2 is now scheduled for March 18th. I have 2 positives in all of this. 1. I am still cancer free, will be 6 years in April, if I make it. 2. I am still on the right side of the grass.

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My husband this year has had 2 surgeries to repair a inguinal hernia. While in surgery the second time, (because the first one came apart)another one was seen by the Dr.
He now has a incisional hernia from the RC. A CT scan was done on Friday. No word yet. What I have read, and stated by the Dr. if it doesn't give you any problems don't reapair it, just wear hernia belt??? I really am confused about all of this now. It does bother him, but the Dr. advice was not a good outcome on another patient that had this same problem. The RC Dr. did not do the repair. I thought best to seek advice from the RC Dr. I would appreciate any comments. Maybe this is the nature when it comes to removing a bladder, when the wall is not strong.

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I had RC with neo bladder 10 months ago. have been in the hospital 3 times with urinary infection and kidney infections. the last one, 4 weeks ago, was very serious. Had a rare gram negitive (meaning very bad bacteria) bug. Had to go into a private room on precautions, so no one else would get it. Went home with a PICK line in (long IV in the arm threaded into the chest), on IV antibiotics. Last culture showed no bacteria. I was very sick - all so have a small hernia. So the best thing is too know the signs of a urinary tract infection, which is more difficult with a neo bladder. I look at my urine and if it looks different, and or don't feel well, I now go to the Dr. and have a urine culture done.
Best of luck and wishes.
Browns Crossing

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I think we all have had complications,mine came after surgery,intestinal blockages which still exist and now Neo will not empty and I cath 4 to 5 times a day .I will let the Dr try stretching me after my daughters wedding in Jan,dont need any incontinence problems during the wedding.Hope it works where I can go normal again,the Dr said my pressure looked normal for a Neo so I will just wait and see.

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To Bestbuds28,
I am on a Foley cath system while I heal from another procedure, and the mucous is something you can control by just drinking a lot of water, and a lot. You can not stop the mucous. It just is part of the intestineal lining function.

When you do not drink enough water, you see the mucous more because it is just so concentrated. When you are really h2o'd up the mucous is just thinned out and can get out easier.

If I hydrate properly, I may not plug up for a day or so. If I do not hydreate enough, and I am talking about drinking a LARGE glass during the night, one in the morning, one at noon, one @ 5pm several at night with my dinner, again when I go to bed, I may not get through the night, or at work and so on..several times a day.

This would be a pain for those that are not on a Foley cath or a condum cath as you have to void more often like you really would like to!!

That is my input..

I have had post RC surgery complications, but the RC went ok it's self..


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