Chronic pain in lower left quadrant

I started having pain in my lower left quadrant about 2 1/2 months ago. I thought it was an ovarian cyst. An ultrasound didn't show anything. Then I did a urine test in her office and blood showed up (however when she sent it to the lab they didn't detect blood, or infection). I then had a CT scan (no contrast) to look for a kidney stone stuck in the ureter. The scan did not show any abnormalities. So I went to my GI doc, and since pain was persisting, decided to do a colonoscopy. Although I have mild inflamation in the cecal area (right side), there was NO inflamation where I am feeling the pain. My gynocologist said she didn't believe my pain was gynocological, but that the next step would be a laparotomy. The pain sometimes radiates to my left lower back. If I press on the area, it is tender. Also have rebound tenderness (when I press down slowly, then let go real fast, it hurts). Now I am feeling I should go to a urologist, because it may be my ureter. Sometimes I get more twinges of pain when I go to the bathroom. It is getting worse, as the pain hurts when I move around, and in the middle of the night. It's pretty much constant, but sometimes more or less intense.

I would so appreciate any advise.

This is really difficult to deal with. I am constantly distracted by the pain, and it is not going away. I have "probable" Behcet's disease - an inflammatory autoimmune disease, so I never know if a symptom is related to that. But this is scaring me now, and really affecting my life.

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Please make an appointment with a urologist at a major center. If nothing else you need to have peace of mind. Your neighborhood urologist is not who you want to see, believe me many of us could tell you stories about them.


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Yes, I think you need to see a urologist too. I have complete confidence in my urologist who referred me to a major cancer center for my RC. I can't give you medical advice, only share my experience with you. The type of pain you are describing sounds very similar to the pain I had when passing kidney stones. I have had several (at least 6) stones and the bladder cancer was found during an operation to remove a stone from my ureter.

It is never normal to pass blood in your urine -- it is extremely important to have this checked out thoroughly and get an explanation and treatment.


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what makes you think you have Behcet's disease? Who diagnosed that? nd%2Ddiagnosis
its pretty rare.

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Thank you so much for your reply and the link (I am aware of that site). Behcet's was diagnosed by my gynecologist in 2000. I had arthritis, canker sores, uveitis, intestinal inflammation, and a horrible genital lesion (not an STD) that took a very long time to heal (this had also happened to me when I was 19 years old, 11 years prior). I was refered to a rheumatologist and tried Methotrexate, Enbrel, over the years. Additionally I have had subsequent colonoscopies that continue to show mild inflamation. And I had problems about three years ago with pain in urethra and bladder that lasted for about 6 months. I did go to a urologist at that time and she did a cystoscopy and found nothing, so she suspected Interstitial Cystitis. Then my rheumotologist put me on Methotrexate again and added Remicaid. My symptoms went away (not sure if this was due to the Remicaid and Methotrexate). I went off those drugs about a year and a half ago. I seem to always have some sort of problem with inflamation. But the hardest thing, is I never really know if it is related to my autoimmune issue, or if it is something worse. I know Behcet's is rare, but the specialists I see off and on seem to agree that I either have Behcet's or Chrohn's or both. Either way, they are typically treated with the same medications. I read someone elses post who has Chrohn's and believes the Remicaid may have led to BC.

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If a urologist would relieve your concerns, I would not hesitate to see one. The difference between the office test and lab may be due to several things. The most common is that most urinalysis testing is done with a simple chemical strip method. The "so called" test for blood is actually a test for hemoglobin (myoglobin will also interfere) and not for blood per se. In a clinical laboratory the detection of hemoglobin often leads to a test for blood using microscopy of the urine to detect red blood cells. If there are no red blood cells, this usually means that the source of the hemoglobin is not from bleeding in the urinary tract, but may be from destruction of red blood cells in the circulatory system with release of hemoglobin which then is detected in the urine. These are from "so called" hemolytic anemias. A second possibility is that the first test did in fact detect bleeding in the urinary tract which was not occurring when the second test was done. Best wishes,


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while i don't discount seeing a urologist i think you should also see a rheumatologist as it sure sounds like you've got it but it does mimic other things also.
so sorry . The CT scan i wish they would have done with contrast also.
i wish you the best....

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I really appreciate your reply, and all other replies. After the chemo-strip detected hemoglobin, that same sample was sent to the lab, which evidently did not detect blood cells.

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Susan, what is the chance you have a history of endometriosis or difficult periods? if so friend me, and i will give you some ideas to pursue

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Please see a Urologist, I went to my doctor for a physical and he found microblood in Urine. I had back pain left side for 2 years and they kept telling me chronic back problems. Finally Primary Care referred me to a Urologist once we found the blood in urine and he finally did a IVP W/Tomograms. I had a filling defect from a kidney and ureter full of cancer.

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When I 1st went to uro, he couldn't do the cysto in office due to strictue in urethra. Scheduled to do it as o/p at hospital. Went for all preop testing, they told me they thought I was pregnant due to elevated HCG level. Referred to gyn to confirm not pregnant. No one believed me that I wasn't. If I was I would have made it into Guiness book of world records. Being 3 +yrs post menopausal. Gyn finally had me get pelvic and transvaginal u/s. That is when the 1st noticed a growth in the bladder. Finally got the ok to go ahead with o/p cysto & biopsy. Then back to the other uro in office who is uro/onc. specialist. In for another biopsy. Also had cts w and w/o contrast. which showed a problem with right kidney. Went through 6 BCG treatments, f/u cysto, 3 more BCG. Another biopsy, now on chemo for small cell, tcc, cis and squamous cell. Probable R/c tentatively scheduled for 3/24. Depending on result of chemo.
Good luck.

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