Chemo humor

Look, before anyone jumps on me about being unkind to my friends and relatives or not appreciating the intent of their loving advice, let me assure you, my friends and relatives all know me as a wirter and story teller and stand up comedy guy and have laughed at the following blog entry I call the Chemo Quartet:

1. Imagine you have the flu—not the worst you have ever had, but sufficiently miserable. Then you decide to cure it by drinking a bottle of cheap-ass whisky and staying up all night doing in.

Then, in what might be the next morning (or not), you feel even worse. Your solution is to call your friends to ask advice. And they all tell you the same thing; “It’s all in your attitude; change that and you will feel lots better.”

Oh, right.

Sickness. Chemotherapy.

2. Imagine you have run a marathon, in the heat, for which you were not especially well prepared. Then deliver a breech birth baby after an 18-hour labor. All on no sleep… You are tired. Whoa, better call your friends and ask their advice. They did so well with the “sickness thing”. Once again, they all tell you the same thing: “You know you have to keep busy when this tiredness hits. Staying active is the best cure.”

Right. You feel like cleaning the oven and vacuuming the house all of a sudden…

Fatigue. Chemotherapy.

3. Imagine your dog has died. Imagine your best friend has died. Imaging that you are next. Oh no, you think; you might be getting depressed! The cure?: Call your friends (except of course the one that has died). The ones that are left, however all have the same advice for you: “You know you have to look at the bright side. Every cloud has a silver lining.”


Depression. Chemotherapy.

4. Imagine all your friends getting chemotherapy.

Wait for THEIR calls.


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Honestly I liked it!

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Genial !!!

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Made me laugh...xxxx

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Thank heavens some sick, fatigued, depressed person is not taking it out on me (who is also sick, fatugued, and depressed sometimes too). I am glad y'all can still laugh.

Official doctordom (not my own docs) think I am palliative. I am going to show officail doctordom that I am not--that a durable long long remisssion is not only possible, but the only outcome I will allow.

I will keep posting my silly stuff as long as no one gets a hate on about it.

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Right! And right on!

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What a relief, somebody with a sense of humor! There's a reason we watch a LOT of America's Funniest Home Videos. Humor helps restore our sanity.

Keep it going, I'll follow! ;)

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You go, guy! I can't wait for your next post!


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Heatherdog.....First of all, my first dog was named Heather(true). Thanks for the laugh this afternoon. Been there and heard the same from well meaning people. I used to smile and walk away. Gail

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Heatherdog, even my own doctors a year ago were saying -situation is very serious, but there is always hope. They actually did not believe their own words. Now they call me a "pleasing surprise". I believe that you will be another one. To pick up the battle like you and me had , and succeed- one has to have an attitude problem!

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Thanks for the laughs :).

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so true and funny - keep the laughs coming - we can all identify (-:

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Quite jocular.

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I concur. Yes indeed, very jocular. Great post. Keep 'em coming.

(I must confess that I had to look the word up but a word a day keeps ????? who away? It's good to learn new words and I'm a dummy so thanks for the little excursion into further education and I mean that with all respect.)


given to, characterized by, intended for, or suited to joking or jesting; waggish; facetious: jocular remarks about opera stars.

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