Cancer in the tube leading to Kidney & bladder Cancer

HI my dad had a tumour removed in Feb from his bladder, he was in agony for many weeks, but they kept saying once he started Chemo it would get better
He has stage 11 to stage 111.
He was in agony could not eat or even drink lost almost 3 stone, but they just kept saying once he started his chemo the pain would get better.
He was finally rushed into hospital and put on a drip of morphine for the pain and a fluid drip as he was tottaly dehydrated. It was found that he had another tumour in the tube leading to his Kidney.
They finally removed this on 18th May.
He is now back on his Chemo but I am concerned that they do not seem to do scans to check to see if this horrid thing is anywhere else. Do we need to ask for scans to be done or should it be automatically done, to check it has not gone somewhere else.

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The scans should be done

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Thank you for your response, have you any idea how often the scans are done?

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I know that you are still in a state of ? Many questions, I am sure. I am sending you a friend request to see if I can help you with what I have learned and been thru since 2009.
If they did a Tur to remove the tumor, he should have not had a lot of pain for a long time. The pain I think was coming from the tumor in his tube from the kidney being blocked. I went thru that, but it was from a clot blocking my urine flow into the cathereter.
that the doctor had put in. Yes it was an emergency room visit for sure!
Trust in the good Lord and you will get a lot of friends on here that may be able to help you someway and at least youcan know you are not alone. There are alot of us in the same rocking boat.
Just remember being a caregiver is a very hard thing to do and you need to take time for yourself or you will get very stressed.
Take care,

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K100: If the tumor was blocking the ureter, the pain would be similar to a kidney stone. I have had 7 or 8 stones over the
years and they are VERY painful! My sympathies to your father.
I would think that a scan would definitely be recommended to further assess the situation. In my experience, chemo
does very little to cure pain, as it takes a while to shrink a tumor.
Be as assertive and demanding with the doctors, your dad deserves better.
Best wishes,


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