blood in mucus, continued pain right neo bladder

7 wks post rc. I have continued to have right lower abd pain, right over neo bladder since infection and hospitilization 2 wks ago. When I urinate I have clumps of mucus that are old brown/red bloody. Does anyone else have this
Does anyone else have continued pain in neo bladder after surgery and or infection?
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When the mucus is red or a redish brown that is usually a sign of an infection so I would definitely be calling my surgeon and tell him your symptoms. And the old saying pain is the bodies way of telling you something is wrong so I would definitely get checked soon. Good Luck, Joe

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I had some on and off pain over my left flank which I now believe was/is kidney discomfort or partial bowel obstruction that previously resolved itself.

What does your surgeon say?
My experience is that one has to be very vocal with ones symtoms to doctors/surgeons. When I had a bout of extreme stomach ache in december and spoke to my surgeons PA she said."I don't know what to tell you, just try some antacids" in hindsight I believe I had some partial bowelobstruction that just resolved itself.

Please keep us posted. Were you hospitalized two weeks ago because of the blood and pain?
Has the pain subsided any at all?
Hope you feel better,


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My rc was done 4 years ago. I still have times when I have lots of mucus. In fact at my last cysto just a week ago, there was a huge mass of mucus that was not passing through the intestine. My doctor cut it out and said he will check me again to see if he accumulates again. He didn't do a cysto at my last 6 month check up and so I will insist he check it out again at my next one. I could tell by his words that it was unusual to see this and he's been doing it for a long time. Sometimes I have gotten very large brownish, globs of mucus and usually this happens if I am having a infection of some sort for which my regular doctor prescribes an antibotic for if it is bad enough. I've only had one severe infection since getting my neo-bladder. I have had to learn to really push the contents of the bladder in order to completely empty it. I have not had pain with these incidents except for the severe infection. Sometimes the mucus will cause a plug like event and I have to push to get urine started. I called the ER one night because I was afraid I wasn't able to urinate; they suggested I wait till morning (it was about midnight) and see if it starts, then if not come to ER, probably to help me get it started. That's my mucus experiences so far and I expect this to be an ongoing thing to deal with. I think the brownish color must be old blood, but have not had bright red color, then I would be concerned. Not a whole lot of docs know about neo-bladders and so its important to use Urologist or your surgeon to answer questions. The main thing is to not worry and call when you are concerned; I am one of those people who hates to "bother" others, but in these cases we must "bother" our healthcare people in order to feel at ease. My reg doc knows that the return of ca. is a big concern for me and she helps me by always saying..."its not cancer"...I relax then. Good luck with this being a thing of the past as you gradually get over the shock of the rc and also learn how to live with is a big change no matter what anyone says. Take care, Betsygirl

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I did tell surgeon about it, but told me not to worry about it. Thought it was due to post infection. I too have a lot of mucus production, that seems to block my urethera at times. I have to push hard to get it out and the urine out. Will see dr in few wks, hopefully will be gone by then, but if not will be much more aggressive and push the issue.
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Haven't had my surgery yet but from what I have read it appears the mucus is a normal progression of the process. I would definitely stay in close touch with my Urologist.

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I get lots of mucus and clumps of orange stuff, which they say is normal for me, but I have a bag and it could be due to that. The others are right, best to ask.
Good luck!

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Had the neo bladder 4 years ago. Around 7 weeks I also had some pain in the general area of the neo bladder. Also frequent blood and lots of mucus. The mucus for me never went away but both blood and pain have completely disappeared at 2 months after surgery . I think the blood is part of the neo bladder adjusting, not everything is completely tight yet, and also with the absence of a bladder there is less pressure on bowel movement so it require more pressure on the individual to move the bowel . That could lead to some blood in the urine If I remember correctly what I was told. But in any case the doctor knew everything and did not panic, so I did not panic either. But it makes you feel nervous to say the least.


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thank you all for your suggestions about the blood in mucus, and pain right side of neo bladder. Had appt. next week and hopefully will get to bottom of it. At least I feel more confident going in there. All ways feel so rushed and know they listen , but feel like they don't. I will write down all my questions so I won't be rushed.
thank you again,
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