Bladder scope showed red, inflamed bladder

I have been having what I thought were recurrent bladder infections, tho the cultures came back negative. Finally went to a urologist and he did a cystoscope and found that the inside of my bladder is really red. He said that he did not see signs of cancer, but I show a hight white blood cell count. He put me on a low dose anti-biotic for 6 weeks and then I will go back to see him. Anyone with a similar situation and answers as to what I might expect. Cancer is very prominent in my family.

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Well generally a high white cell count means you're fighting something. If cultures are negative for bacteria maybe have a general check-up with your Internal Medicine Doctor??

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It is possible you might have interstitial cystitis, You can find info at . Do keep seeing your doctors and get another opinion at a major center if you keep having symptoms.


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Thanks for the info about the IC, am really excited to see this and from looking up more info about it, this may actually be what it is!!! Pics of it look like what the doc showed with the scope!!

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Hi there,
I have interstitial cystitis, and since it's an inflammatory condition our bodies feel like they're constantly fighting something off and it can elevate the WBC count. If you have any questions about treatment and/or diet, feel free to send me a message. Everyone has his or her own trigger foods, but they tend to be ones high in acidity, like tomatoes (my personal one, and it's tomato season! /shakes fist).

Good luck!

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I found it interesting that cranberry juice and yogurt are on a list of possible irritants. I have been taking a cranberry supplement to battle what I thought were the bladder infections. And then to combat the anti-biotics, eating yogurt to stave off a yeast infection!! My diet will have to completely be altered, as I LOVE tomato products and spicy foods. I have already cut way back on caffeineted beverages and that has been a HUGE help! Are there good websites known that will help with food/drinks that irritate/flares up the condition?

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The website has a list of food and drinks that irritate the bladder. They also have a good forum like this one. Keep in mind that each one of us is different. One thing to note is water, filtered water is acidic, spring water is alkaline. You can buy pH test strips or paper to test your liquids and your urine.

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It's kind of a weird experiment. Because each person is different, there's a list but it's not set in stone. The ICHelp link above is a great place to start.

I would begin by eliminating anything that's on the list that you're currently eating, then slowly re-introducing them one at a time. For example, you might find that you can tolerate a spicy meal if you don't have chocolate or coffee that day.

Another thing that sounds absolutely disgusting but works for me when I want to treat myself to a food I want but that irritates my bladder: take one tsp. of baking soda and drink it in a tall glass of water. It really helps me.

Medications such as Elavil and Elmiron help; they've got side effects I'm on Elavil and find that it helps me.

Good luck! I literally feel for you!

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Thank you so much for your advice, looking forward to getting this under control!

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