Bladder cancer and prostate seeding

I was diagnosed with PC in 2004 , elected to receive seeding.
In 2009 was diagnosed with BC and had the bladder removed .
Is there any scientific study that explore the connection between the seeding and BC.
I was never notified that this could be a side effect.
I never smoked or worked with chemicals which can cause BC.
Like to hear from others who had the same experience

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There are some studies, but I can't cite them. There is a very small but real risk from the external beam boost that sometimes accompanies seeding. There is an association with any pelvic radiation and BC. There is no known risk from seeds alone, but it stands to reason there would be.

I had seeding without EBRT 12 years ago and wore up with pT-2 Grade 3 bladder cancer with distant nodal mets. Guess where the tumor was located--right down next to the prostate. I had no other risk factors either.

Where was/were your tumor(s)? Give me some details, if you have time.

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I was told i had BC 15 years after i had external radition for Prostate Cancer. i think there is a real corelation.

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My tumor was close to the prostate, they had to shave most of the prostate off during the surgery since it was that close.

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I am a female..But wanted to let others know......

I was told that my Bladder Cancer is most likely a result of "Radiation" after 2 surgeries for treatment of Ovarian Cancer...The Ovarian Cancer was in 1972. Radiation followed the two surgeries also in 1972.....Bladder Cancer showed up in June 2008...first showed up as T1G3 Aggressive/ Invasive and after Turbs.Mytomycin C treatment still showed up and after additional Turbs..BCG showed up with the T1G3 Aggressive/Invasive and CIS..Bladder removed Dec 09 and reconstruction surgery on left ureter because of scar tissue and strictures June 2010..

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It seems that I have read a recent abstract regarding prostate radioactive seeds and subsequent increased incidence of bladder cancer, but I cannot remember where. You might try visiting (might be .com) and entering prostate radiation or prostate seeds, or prostate brachytherapy + bladder cancer. This should pull up medical literature that is on this point.


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I'm curious to find out more about the connection between the prostate seeds and bladder cancer. My father was treated for prostate cancer over 10 years ago and developed bladder cancer this year - and like the earlier poster it was near the prostate. If anyone has any information or resources to share about this it would be greatly appreciated.

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I don't think there is enough evidence to sue. Any pelvic radiation, even seeding without external beam boost, can have a carcinogenic effect. Although of all the pelvic radiation, seeding without external beam is theoretically the safest.

I had no other risk factors and went from healthy straight through to Stage 4 BC. I am certian it was the radiation, but there is no way to prove it.

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Do not know about the effects of radiation seeds, but according to my urologist my current bladder cancer (and bladder destruction) is more than likely do to external radiation received about 10 years previously for prostate cancer. Had the prostate removed and then received radiation because of cancer cells in the margins. It was supposed to be pretty tightly focused radiation and probably was, but not focused enough. My guess is that radiation seeds in the prostate could lead to later bladder cancer, but the risk may be worth it. Good luck

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