BC metastisized to pelvic bone region and lymph nodes

My husband's bladder cancer has metastisized to his lower spine (L3, L4) and right hip area as well as to the right pelvic region lymph nodes. He also has a mass in the right pelvic area which is causing swelling of the right leg. Our doctor recommends an 18 week course of gemzar/carboplatnum with an added experimental drug, lenalidomide.

Has anyone else had lower spine, hip bone, and lymph node involvement? Which treatment options were you given/did you receive?

My husband's pain starts in the lower back, goes across to the right hip, down into his butt and on down his right leg. What's the nature of your pain? And what are you doing to relieve the pain?


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My husband doesn't have the spine or hip bone involvement. His tumor is wrapped around the rectum and is inoperable. I will, however try and address the pain issue. You have probably read posts in which I (and possibly others) recommend asking the doctor about methadone for pain, especially if other pain meds (oxycontin, oxycodone, morphine, etc.) have been tried but are not working. Methadone seems to be an excellent drug for cancer pain, including bone pain, with few risks and few side effects.

I would definitely check with your doctor/oncologist about methadone.

It sounds like the gemzar/carboplatin, and experimental drug are definitely worth a try - please continue to keep us up-to-date with your husband's progress.

You are both in my prayers.


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I hate to hear this, you both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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I'm so sorry to hear this and please know you both are in my every prayer..

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My BC has spread to my liver and upper back bones and some node are now enlarged. I'm going into Sloan for a biopsy Tuesday as they want to be sure it is the BC cells. From there I will start chemo Gemar/carbolatain. I tried Tramadol for pain which made be so sick I was puking all day until they finally prescribed anti-nauseau meds which worked. I have low tolerance to pains meds so now taking extra strength Tylenol. Another adventure.....but having all the love and support will get me through this. God bless all. Sharon. PS. Has anyone tried acupuncture for cancer pain?

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I am so sorry. My mom had lung cancer that went to the bones ( pelvis and neck.). They treated the mets with radiation before chemo.... This along with trying many drugs helped pain greatly. We ended up with fentanyl patches which give off a steady dose. She also used the fentanyl "suckers" for breakthrough pain. Please let your doctors know that extreme pain isn't an option and request a pain specialist if he is not getting relief. Cancer mets to the bones can be excruciating yet there are so many powerful pain relievers.... It often just takes experimentation.

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My husband larry had metastatic bladder cancer he was 47 years old. He had excruciating pain in his right hip and a mass in his groin . Now i realize he probably had bone cancer too. The mass caused compression of the vein- he subsequently got a blood clot and swelling in his right leg.
He continued with chemo and radiation.
He passed away in February. I wish I had a happy ending. This cancer thing is terrible and cuts so many lives short.
God bless everyone affected and cursed with this disease .

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So sorry I can't help with the info you need, but do know we are concerned as to the next steps you will be taking. Cageygal's tip about methadone may be the way to go. To have clarity of mind and be pain free is your goal as you pursue chemo and other palitive treatments. It has worked for Tony.
Warm hugs coming your way, Karego

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My husband's BC spread to his left groin area and around near the spine. It's in the soft tissue and lymph nodes have increased in size.The mass is wrapped around arteries and nerves which caused excruciating pain in the beginning of this year. He had 5 days of intense radiation, which shrunk the worst mass, relieving some of the pressure on the arteries and nerves. It took a few weeks to get the right drug combination for pain relief. Dilaudid didn't do anything except make him drowsy and "drunkish". His pain management doctor now has him on a 1600mg of Neurontin daily and a Fentanyl pain patch which gets changed every 3 days. He also takes 1 or 2 extra strength Tylenol a day. The pain went from a level 8 to a 2 and he can function so much better. He gets tingly sensations in the base of his spine which stop him in his tracks sometimes when walking. But at least the terrible pain is lower. He started chemo (Alimpa), which is a maintenance drug, last month.

I hope your husband's doctors are able to reduce swelling and pain. Perhaps you can discuss suggestions you find here. I never heard of the experimental drug lenalidomide. So I've learned something from you too. Thank you. I know what you are going through as a care taker. We're in this together. Stay strong!

Pat B.

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My husband's Urothelial carcinoma has metastasized to his left lung, pelvic bone, and soft tissue of the left groin, and one lymph node in that area. He has been on Taxol/Carboplatin, Gemzar, Ifosfamide, and now MVAC. He had 20 radiation treatments in the pelvic, groin area. He tried several pain meds, including oxyContin, but Methadone worked the best. Unfortunately, he was one of the rare people for whom Methadone affected his heart, so after a pain free week, he had to change to morphine...15 mg, three times a day. It is working ok. Bone mets is THE most painful of all, or so we were told by his Pain Management doctor. If your husband does not have one, I certainly recommend he use one. We will know at the end of the month of May if the radiation and MVAC has helped. He is walking better after the radiation. It was very detrimental to his appetite, though, so he is taking MEGACE for that.
Hang in there, pain control is available. We are ALL in this together, and together we are better! Sound familiar?

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My heart goes out to each of you who have posted above. It is a fear I live with. It changes the life of the spouse as well.

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I am so sorry for the pain and suffering each of you are enduring. This cancer thing is terrible and I pray a cure will be found in the not to distant future to help all of us who are afflicted with this horrible disease. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always.

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My husband Georg's BC first mets to his jawbone and caused much pain, as it destroyed his jaw. This happened before we knew he had cancer. When cancer was discovered he used Kadian for pain (Time released morphine) and Ibuprofen for bone pain, as he also had reconstructive surgery which involved removal of a leg bone to make into a jawbone. It has now spread to both adrenals, both lungs, and the area between the spine and stomach. He takes Kadian once or twice a day, and liquid morphine for breakthru pain. I am curious about the methadone and wonder if it might be better.

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You are all in my prayers. What challenges you face. My husband is due for the second of three infusions of his third cycle of treatments tomorrow.The first is Cisplatin/Gemzar and tomorrow and next week Gemzar alone. With the fourth cycle in June we so hope to receive a good report when the follow-up scan is performed. His BC diagnosis was shortly before Christmas, with RC/IC robotic surgery in January. No lymph involvement. It is definitely a journey. We so appreciate this site and the opportunity to share in the peaks and valleys for all who post and their caregivers.

Love to all,


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I am sorry to hear about your husband. I was wonder since I have similiar pain what tests were done to diagnose his metastes?

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Georg has had PET scans which show where new cancer is growing.

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Thank You that is what I thought. My prayers go out to you and your husband.

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I have tried accupunture for all types of pain and anxiety dealing with bladder removal. It is my saving grace works great. Good Luck

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@ Orgeonian my husband has had numerous tests, but the first one that really showed everything well was a PET/CT.

Thanks everyone for your support, advice and suggestions.


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Thanks Trish

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Just wanted to let you know you both are in my thoughts and prayers..

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