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wet bed? here's a nice comfy help!

  • By got_shirts · Posted 11:05 am
  • Journal · 0 replies
  • having an indiana pouch for 2-1/2 years now, although my frequency of wet bed incidents has decreased, i still have the lousy happening of leakage at night once in awhile. ........ i've tried a couple ...

is discharge normal

  • By bgone82 · New reply 11:04 am
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 5 replies
  • Hi everyone I have experienced urethral discharge since having my cystectomy Nov 2013 and is gradually getting worse has anyone else experienced this? Thank you in advance ...

neo bladder vs stoma

  • By Richie528 · New reply 10:37 am
  • Discussion in Newly diagnosed · 12 replies
  • Well, I finally got news back from my dad's Dr and they said due to his liver and the Hep C he is best to go the route of RC. So his RC surgery is scheduled for 8/15 and I am very nervous for him. The ...


  • By gismo31 · New reply 10:36 am
  • Discussion in Caregivers corner · 2 replies
  • It's really not fair how the cruise industry and others discriminate against single people. If you want to take a cruise they charge you for two even though there is only one of you. At least different ...

Ports going in Monday

  • By Amie46552 · New reply 10:25 am
  • Discussion in Newly diagnosed · 5 replies
  • I have a few questions maybe someone can give me a better idea what to expect.. Once your port is put in how long after do they start chemo.? Also will they do your chemo if you have a UTI? I have been ...

CEA Levels a as a cancer marker

  • By ppatel · New reply 10:16 am
  • Discussion in Caregivers corner · 3 replies
  • Dads was detected with Bc mets to lungs liver and kidney in Dec 2013 and the had 6 rounds of chemo his cancer was 95 percent out .. only a few residuals in lungs . Thereafter doctor suggested no chemotherpy ...

Anyone Experiencing Feeding Tube Leakage or Clogs

  • By Duvie · New reply 10:13 am
  • Journal · 35 replies
  • Hello Everyone, Feeding tube leakage can be a nightmare if, like us, were not informed in how to reduce the risk or what products to use in eliminating the skin irritation caused by stomach acid eating ...

He lost his battle

  • By donna62 · New reply 9:43 am
  • Journal · 42 replies
  • On July 5th my husband lost his battle with his his bladder cancer. Never thought we were going down this path and so fast. We are heartbroken as a family ...

Painful bladder biopsy

  • By Jade547 · New reply 9:05 am
  • Discussion in Taking charge: How to be a proactive patient · 7 replies
  • I wasn't sure where to post this for none of the categories fit my question, but here is my question. I wrote on here a couple of months concerned about having bladder cancer because I had microscopic ...


  • By skwerrlee · New reply 9:04 am
  • Journal · 6 replies
  • Finished the 6th bcg 8 days ago and since then 4 days later, went to bed - everything fine but woke up with diarrhea at 3:00Am and busy going from bedroom to bathroom til 8:00A then had a sleep til kitties ...

Meet Nick

  • By Katuha · New reply 9:03 am
  • Journal · 20 replies
  • ...

When to remove the bladder

  • By DarwinGirl · New reply 8:54 am
  • Discussion in Treatment choices · 11 replies
  • Hi all, I have had urinary infections and kidney stones all my life. When I was 32...YES 32!!! I started peeing blood. My local doctor sent me to a specialist which within 4 weeks of the scans being taken ...

Study: Risk Factors and Incidence of Parastomal Hernia

  • By arnab · Posted 8:41 am
  • Journal · 0 replies
  • Please see the article with credit to the academic institution,, references and writers provided below. Risk factors and incidence of parastomal hernia in patients undergoing radical cystectomy ...

Night Bag Connection

  • By marinagal · New reply 8:40 am
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 16 replies
  • Does anyone have any suggestions on securing the tubing that comes with the night bag/jug to the bag. I toss & turn and often disconnect which causes a mess. I wish there was some kind of locking device ...

Moving For Monday

  • By Mickeral · New reply 7:59 am
  • Journal · 10 replies
  • This catchy tune may help you to move smoothly through the week. kl8 Warmest Wishes, Mickeral ...

Great News

  • By Ken-E · New reply 7:06 am
  • Journal · 16 replies
  • I just received some great news ..........Latest CT Scan and PSA.........All Clear.......5 year mark !!!! To all on this site I wish you all the best and God Bless.......Ken E ...

Anyone having Eye Problems

  • By sorrento · New reply 1:32 am
  • Discussion in Taking charge: How to be a proactive patient · 10 replies
  • I know this is totally off topic from Bladder, Kidney, Lung or other cancers, but is it a new found cancer!! I have been on another site that post like "Inspire" and there has been a mention of Eye Problems ...

Time for a change

  • By Gotit · Posted 12:27 am
  • Journal · 0 replies
  • Almost 5 months post surgery. Been consistently running 4 to 5 days before a bag changes. Now that I have mastered my 2 piece Convatec system I tried a 2 piece Coloplast bag today which has a really cute ...

Adjusting to Neo Bladder

  • By mikefro · New reply 12:22 am
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 31 replies
  • I am new to this site and posting, etc. I am not new to bladder cancer. I was diagnosed in Jan. '13 and went through three courses of treatment with BCG and BCG plus interferon. Those efforts did not ...

Ureter reconnect surgery

  • By Marine1942 · New reply yesterday at 11:48 pm
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 11 replies
  • Has anyone had to have their ureter connection reconstructed surgically due to stricture or kink near connection after rc with illeal conduit. This may be something my husband will need to have done ...

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