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scuba diving with IC.

  • By aimesmom · New reply 9:34 am
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 8 replies
  • Hello friends. Its been along time. I had my Rc almost 2 years ago and all scans have been clear. My amazing husband and I just got back from a weeks vacation in SanDiego. The first vacation since i got ...

Back in hospital

  • By Azmomcat · New reply 9:28 am
  • Discussion in Living with metastatic bladder cancer · 8 replies
  • My husband is back in the hospital after developing a fever of 101.6 and lungs full of mucus. He is mid cycle of his sixth and final Gem/Cis chemo treatment but is so sick and anemic he says he doesn't ...

After RC, pencil thin stools, feel constipated, major anal pain. Anyone ha

  • By kanser · New reply 9:18 am
  • Discussion in Living with metastatic bladder cancer · 6 replies
  • Does anyone have blockage issues due to RC operation or obstruction? It is now 3 months post op. In level 7 - 9 discomfort, due to feeling constipated, always like need to have bowel movement, feels like ...


  • By mike11 · New reply 8:09 am
  • Journal · 2 replies
  • We are seeking to determine the degree of interest in starting a Ostomy/Urostomy support group of in South Eastern North Carolina and North Eastern South Carolina. The aim of this group is to improve ...

American Institute For Cancer Research

  • By gk105 · New reply 7:57 am
  • Discussion in Taking charge: How to be a proactive patient · 2 replies
  • Has anyone heard about the new American plate developed by the American Institute For Cancer Research? I thought BCAN members would like to see this site. Click on Reduce Your Cancer Risk ...

From US report on survival rates of all Cancers- very hopeful

  • By joyus · New reply 6:57 am
  • Discussion in Living with non-invasive bladder cancer · 4 replies
  • Bladder cancer: For all stages combined, the 5-year relative survival rate is 78%. Survival declines to 71% at 10 years and 66% at 15 years after diagnosis. Half of all bladder cancer patients are diagnosed ...


  • By sparkle1954 · New reply 4:39 am
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 9 replies
  • I am so glad that I don't have to use a night bag. I tried a couple days in the being after surgery and it drove me nuts. I have always woke up so many times in a night that I just feel my bag to see ...

I'm losing my girl and I can't help her

  • By Angelmate63 · New reply 12:58 am
  • Discussion in Treatment choices · 61 replies
  • As many of you know my darling Maria has had her fair share of problems but has fought them all with a courage even I haven't got, Today I was asked to see her team who have told me apart from her dyalisis ...

what to take ,on suppliments

  • By watch · New reply yesterday at 11:54 pm
  • Discussion in Raising awareness · 17 replies
  • Is there anyone out here, that takes a vitamin regiment to help combat bladder cancer, any help would be appreciated ...

Looking for reassurance

  • By HeathB · New reply yesterday at 11:22 pm
  • Discussion in Living with invasive bladder cancer · 6 replies
  • Hi Everyone, I'm T1HG - multifocal + CIS-- after 2 TURBTs and 6BCGs I recently received some good news - my urine tests (FISH, CYT and CxBladder) came back negative for cancer markers. However, when the ...

Difficult blood draws

  • By rushtang · New reply yesterday at 10:19 pm
  • Discussion in Newly diagnosed · 7 replies
  • My husbands last two blood draws have been very difficult. The nurses are able to find good veins, but are only able to barely draw enough blood for testing. He started his second cycle of chemo last ...


  • By Jdiakiw · New reply yesterday at 10:13 pm
  • Discussion in Treatment choices · 1 reply
  • I had surgery to remove invasive tumours in march. Had not penetrated bladder wall thru to muscle. I then had 6 full BCG treatments . Cysto 6 weeks later showed healthy healing. But " suspicious cells ...

North Carolina Bladder Cancer Awareness Picnic

  • By balihigh · New reply yesterday at 9:04 pm
  • Discussion in Raising awareness · 54 replies · Photos
  • The North Carolina Bladder Cancer Awareness Picnic was held this weekend. It was another fun weekend and I feel so blessed to have met the wonderful people who came from all over the US and even across ...

Urostomy bag odor

  • By Guidojoe · New reply yesterday at 8:45 pm
  • Discussion in Help desk · 21 replies · Photos
  • The odor is bad enough when I empty my urostomy bag, but when I change bags every 4 days or so, I can't stop gagging from the smell. Doing it while taking a shower has worked well, but sometimes not possible ...

Life of "Bard" overnight Bag & Overfill of IC Pouch

  • By 323232 · New reply yesterday at 7:54 pm
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 19 replies
  • My RC with IC unirary diversion was performed March 26, 2014. I have used the same overnight "Bard" bag and tubing since my RC, rinsing daily with vinegar and water mix. How long will it last? What is ...

second opinion?

  • By eduell · New reply yesterday at 7:47 pm
  • Journal · 4 replies
  • Well we've discussed so much lately in dad's actual diagnosis that the quality of care finally came up. We've both agreed that we are not comfortable with the treatment or the faith in dad's options from ...

Question on urethrectomy

  • By Bobby58 · New reply yesterday at 7:36 pm
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 11 replies
  • Hi i posted a discussion on urethrectomy that i'm having on 9/23 that there was no replies so now my question is is it that rare of a procedure? Any help with this be appreciated Thank You Bobby ...

Year 5 post neo

  • By Resident_of_Paradise · New reply yesterday at 6:46 pm
  • Journal · 5 replies
  • I almost forgot my 5 year update. My wife and I were sitting in the Dulles airport when the early fall weather caused her to remember 5 years past when we traveled to Charlotesville for my surgery at ...


  • By DenBoy · New reply yesterday at 6:35 pm
  • Discussion in Treatment choices · 23 replies
  • If your tumor is T2 (or worse), RC is a no-brainer. If you’re Ta the reverse seems true. But how is the RC decision made if you’re T1? I was dx’d T1HG in Jan ’14. I had two TURBTs (the 2nd confirming ...

Neobladder advice

  • By bjm56 · New reply yesterday at 6:17 pm
  • Discussion in Life after radical cystectomy · 18 replies
  • My husband had an RC with neobladder on August 13, and on Monday sept 8 they will remove the Foley catheter and cap the other drain from his bladder. The decision to have the neo option was made just ...

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